Hi hi! I’m doing an extra mid-month favorites post today in honor of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I didn’t really care about this sale up until two years ago, when I got some amazing things that remain my favorites to this day! (I’m looking at you Blank NYC jackets, Zella leggings, Barefoot Dreams, etc.) The last two years, I’ve also got almost all of Max’s shoes for the next year (because of course I want the neon Nikes) on sale and a few other fall things. I love that this is all fall clothing, even though it can be hard to get in fall mode in the middle of summer

But! SO many of these end up being my favorites throughout the year, so I wanted to share. And I’m horrible at shopping normal sales, because I don’t want to buy things at the end of the season that I’ve seen for the last four months. Yes, I’m the worst. It’s just so fun because it’s all NEW! I was even more excited when I woke up this morning because there were a lot of things that weren’t in the catalog. I wrote out exactly why I like these things so it’s not just a shopping post. Lots of notes below! I may even update this as the days go on.

This is in no way sponsored and I’m not affiliated with Nordstrom at all, but there are general affiliate links below! I shared my favorite clothing items for me, things for Max and babies in general, some home products (HELLO CANDLES) and all the beauty things I’m freaking over. Early access for the sale starts today, but it goes until the beginning of August. Since I have a few requests to do a post for this sale, I wanted to get it up now in case you’re shopping early. Woohoo!


Halogen Cashmere Wrap. I am the only person ever to not own a cashmere wrap! I’m getting one this sale and might even get one as a gift. (Update: bought one of these and love it!)

Halogen No Closure Blazer. Absolutely loving this blazer. It looks like one that I got from Nordstrom Rack four years ago and live in every fall and winter. Definitely grabbing one. (Update: I tried this on in store and wasn’t a huge fan. It just didn’t look high quality enough for me to love it. It was almost oversized, but not in a flattering way?)

Chelsea 28 Velvet Dress. I am so, so infatuated with this dress. I ordered it and received it and it’s almost like a teal color?! I think it will be so pretty for the holidays!

Zella Live In High Waist Leggings. Love love love these leggings. For working out or living in! They are really comparable to the LuLulemon Wunder Unders.

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings. Don’t let the name sway you! I had a pair of these last year, put them in my favorites a few times and I LOVED them. Super soft and stretchy.

Alo Airbrush High Waist Legging. I love the detail on these leggings too! And high waisted forever please. (Update: bought a pair of these and really am loving them! FYI they seem to run a little small… but I’m also almost 7 months pregnant. Ha.)

Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan. I have a Barefoot Dreams robe and it’s the softest thing ever. Grabbing one of these too because they feel like heaven. I’ve always resisted because I don’t know how often I’d wear, but I figure with the new baby coming, it will be the most comfortable thing. (Update: Got it and am obsessed and once the baby is born, I will live in it)

Blank NYC Moto Jacket. AHHH! So excited that these are in the sale. I have two from last year and they are one of my most favorite things ever. I think it’s amazing that they actually have a black one on sale! (Update: I actually have the black one and the metallic one here at home right now. I have to make a decision!)

Blank NYC Blush Leather Jacket. Another one too, in freaking blush! I already have a similar one to the one above in a blush color, but absolutely loooove this one.

Love Token Faux Suede Trench Coat. I bought this trench since I do not have one and so far, am in LOVE with it. It is so buttery soft, it’s unreal.

Burgundy Faux Leather Jacket with Faux Fur Trim. Apparently this is COAT OVERLOAD. I also LOVE this burgundy faux leather! I think it’s super pretty and the fur is removable.

Nordstrom Lingerie Pajamas. These are SO ridiculously soft. I got a pair last year and love hanging out in them in the winter, so I definitely want another pair for when I have the baby!

Two Way Camisole. My mom and I love these. She’s actually had a few for years and never stops talking about them. One side is v-neck and the other is scoop.

Rebecca Taylor Faux Leather Skirt. I am dyyying over this skirt. Not something I could wear now when I’m pregnant (and I don’t want to get a bigger size just for that at this price), but I might bite the bullet and get it for the winter.

J Crew Pleat Faux Leather Skirt. I can’t even handle how much I love this. My cousin has it in black and it is just SO cute! (Update: I did buy this and while I can’t really gauge at all while pregnant, I think it will be great once I’m not!)

Tahari Wool Blend Coat. I cannot even HANDLE this blue color! I love it so much. Also, most of my coats are Tahari. I’ve worn some since I was in college and they are still in great condition ten years later. I love this brand so much. (Update: bought this and it is STUNNING. I have it here at home and want to try it on with a few more layers before deciding for sure, just because I bought a ton of stuff.)

Stance Invisible No Show Socks. I had these in my favorites a few months ago and they are amazing socks. Perfect for the adidas superboost shoes that I’m obsessed with too.

There are a TON of jeans that I have my eye one, but at 6+ months pregnant I don’t want to spend on jeans at the moment since I won’t be able to wear them for a few more months and then who knows how my body will be. Are there any you are loving?! Would love to know which brands and which styles.


Rag and Bone Margot Bootie. Rag and Bone booties are some of the most comfortable and hold up SO well. (Update: bought them and completely love them. Already did away with a bunch of cheap booties I had from Target for the last five years!)

Dolce Vita Studded Sandal. Dolce Vita is probably my favorite shoe brand. I love everything they made AND they are comfy. These are super cute and I really like ’em in gray. (Update: Bought this too and they are SO much more stunning than I envisioned. I got the gray!)

Vince Camuto Split Shaft Bootie. I’ve wanted one of these since last year and am so excited to get it! I just don’t know which color I want…

Vince Camuto Francia Bootie. I also LOVE this bootie and the block heel. I don’t need both pairs but love this one as much as the above. Plus, all the Vince Camuto shoes I have are so comfortable.

Kendra Scott Pendant Necklace. If you’ve followed along with my favorites over the last few years, you know this Kendra Scott necklace is a huge fave! I have it in a few colors and buy it for gifts all the time.

Bauble Bar Pinata Statement Earrings. I l=have loved Bauble Bar for years and think these are the cutest!

All Saints Crossbody Tote. I’m skipping out on buying a larger bag this year because I’m super into a new backpack I got that doubles as a diaper bag and with kids, I just know I don’t need another kind of bag at this stage in my life. But I LOVE this bag and the light slate blue color.

Madewell Transport Leather Tote. I’m also a HUUUUGE fan of the Madewell tote and still use mine daily (it basically doubles in my car as a catchall for things I need for Max) even though it’s a burgundy shade. I love these bags so much.

Ted Baker Neon Tote. I’m never going to turn down anything Ted Baker because HELLO bright florals and neon. (Update: I couldn’t resist and already bought this AND used it. I love it.


Keihls Creme de Corps. This is an awesome lotion that I used for years – and it smells incredible. I’m going to grab one of these big bottles for our master bath.

Jo Malone Cologne Set. You know I adore all things Jo Malone! If there is a scent in here I don’t care for, I’ll use it as a gift. But a lot of my loves are in here (wood sage & sea salt, grapefruit, dark amber & ginger lily!)

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon Set. This was my GO-TO scent last fall and winter and I like even more than the original black. If you love warm, amber, musky cologne-like scents, you’ll love it.

Supergoop Sunscreen Mist. This is a pretty great price for three of these mists. I use Supergoop as my sunscreen and it’s great.

Supergoop Hand Cream Set. This was just in my favorites last month! I use this religiously because I am so obsessed with using sunscreen on my hands, and this is the best one I found that doesn’t FEEL like sunscreen. I keep one at my kitchen sink.

Slip Silk Pillowcase Duo. SO! This has been in my cart in the last two years and I’ve never ended up buying it. I really want one to prevent hair breakage and am thinking this is the year. My cousin and I are going to split this package since we both don’t need two. (Update: we split this and have had it for a week – LOVING it.)

Exfolikate. This is a GIANT bottle and I used this only once or twice a week like clockwork. I keep it in my shower and use it in there. It’s also super gentle on my dry skin. This will last FOREVER.

Jouer Liquid Lipstick Duo. I’m considering grabbing these because everything in my favorites last month was Jouer! I LOVE the lip toppers I bought. And these colors look right up my alley.

SKII Trio. So I have wanted to try the SKII essence FOREVER. I’ve bought the masks during the Sephora VIB sale and I love them – they are a serious splurge though. I’m considering jumping all in to this trio so I can test it out.

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick Set. I really LOVE the lipstick in this set and have it in a few shades. Love the pencil too!

Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Blush Glow Set. Kicked myself last year for not getting this. I’ve seen so many good reviews on it!

Fresh Sugar Lip Set. This has my favorite lip balm of all time, the Advanced Therapy! I also really like this color too.


Diptique Candle Set. This is the only time I buy these candles since they are ridiculously expensive. Love using them for gifts. (Update: I bought one of these and gave it to my SIL for her birthday. I love that they are each individually packaged though because you can easily separate them for the holidays.)

Nest Reed Diffusers. I always talk about these come holiday time, but they are my favorite reed diffusers and I have them in every bathroom. I’ve never smelled the bamboo scent, but I love the grapefruit.

Voluspa Candle Set. Also ADORE Voluspa candles! These make my faves almost every month.

Pineapple Pool Float. Ha! This may sound ridiculous but this is when I buy all those expensive pool floats, like the big pink flamingo!  They always have one or two on sale.

Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Throw. Obsessed with this for all the reasons listed above with the cardigan, but mostly because this is such an awesome Christmas gift!

Picnic Time Wicker Basket. This is insane but I’ve wanted a picnic basket all year, because throwing everything in a cooler (dishes, utensils, etc) can be a mess. I LOVE this one.

Aromatherapy Diffuser. I don’t need an oil diffuser because I have one that works perfectly fine, but…. I love this one.


Babiators! Max absolutely lives in his Babitors. On the 4th of July we had to drive back home because I forgot them. His little eyes are so sensitive and these are just the best. I’ve never seen them this cheap.

Little Giraffe Baby Blanket. My cousin bought one of these for Max when he was born and it is the SOFTEST blanket ever. I love to give these as gifts.

Little Giraffe Hooded Towel. Same as above, but in towel form for baths.

Nike Free RN Sneaker. I always get Max’s Nikes during this sale for the entire year. Absolutely loving the bright blues! (Update: I bought these and he is so excited about them. They are slightly big (Update: I bought them for him to wear in a few months) and he wants to wear them NOW!)

Adidas Tubular Shadow Knit Sneaker. This is another one I am loving for him!

PLAE High Top Sneaker. I bought Max a pair of these during the sale last year (in a size up, so he still wears them) and they might have been our favorite shoes all year. Absolutely obsessed with this brand.

Patagonia Snap T Fleece. I love having one of these for Max in the winter. Because mostly, I love the adult version too!

Patagonia Wind & Waterproof Vest. I bought Max one of these last year during the sale and it’s super nice because it’s not really bulky.

Tucker and Tate Hooded Denim Jacket. We have one of these from H&M last year and I get so many questions on it. Super cute if you want to have a baby straight out of the Breakfast Club.

Splendid Stripe Romper. This doesn’t come in Max’s size this year, but in general I love everything by Splendid because it is SO SOFT.

Nordstrom Bodysuit & Baby Leggings. My SIL bought Max a version of this before his was born and the Nordstrom brand is ridiculously soft. I’m going to grab one of these because it’s gender neutral!

Nike Dri Fit Hoodie. I bought one of these earlier this year on sale and love how lightweight it is.

Tucker and Tate Lowcut Socks. We’ve received this socks as gifts two years in a row and they are awesome quality.

The North Face Windbreaker. Also have one of these for Max that I got on sale at the end of the year. It was amazing on vacation when it was windy and rainy. Super lightweight and so easy to carry in your purse.

Keen Seacamp Shoes. You know we ADORE our Keens! I bought two pairs this summer for Max because he wears them nonstop. Only downside is they start to stink… but throw them in the washing machine and you’re good for a few weeks.

Freshly Picked Moccasins. So excited these are in the sale! We loved these as Max was crawling and learning to walk. He wore them for a few months after too!

The Happy Mat. I talked about this when Max was really into throwing food (and dishes!) off of his high chair. I liked taking this to restaurants and using it at home.

Aden & Anais Silky Swaddles. If you follow my baby page, this is another item I’ve raved about since Max was born. The Nordstrom exclusive swaddles are the softest – so much softer than the ones you get at Target under the same brand. These make awesome baby gifts too.

Como Tomo Baby Bottles. I think these were the only bottles I ever listed in our favorites while Max was itty bitty. They are silicone and… feel like boobs. They do! I bought them for my SIL who is due any day now. Eeeep!