tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Last year at this time I was prepping recipes for when Emilia would be born and at the beginning of August, I shot an entire Thanksgiving spread! Thinking back now, I have no idea how I did it. Pumpkin isn’t even on my radar.

2. While it may not be on my radar, we are approaching a great time of year with all the SCHOOL SUPPLIES! Gosh, that was my favorite time ever and I would beg my mom to take me school supply shopping. Give me all the pens and notebooks and trapper keepers please.

3. Cutest ever yellow cupcakes with chocolate creme fraiche frosting. Ooooh.

4. Yesterday, I noticed that pottery barn has a pbDORM section on their website where the “dorms” look essentially nothing like a dorm and much nicer than my bedroom that is in my home and I am an adult. Feeling rather old.

5. I absolutely love this video on parenting yourself. OMG. I so need to parent myself! No one is coming to push you. Amazing. Should frame it.

6. So many TV notes. Still very much into The Affair and saw that it was renewed! Eeep, so exciting. Watched the Southern Charm reunions and for some reason, they always feel so “real” to me so I can’t believe we have to wait until April for a new season. Who has watched Sharp Objects? I read the book years ago (it’s probably in a note in a Tuesday Things from like six years ago!) and want to watch it even though I’m petrified. And finally! I started OITNB. As usual, the beginning is kind of slow for me. But I’m powering through. Oh oh also – I watched the Nashville finale after boycotting last year. It was cute.

7. Why can’t we just buy one thing at Target? YEP.

8. Does anyone else feel like old instagram might be coming back where we can actually share real life, because now even stories are so curated? Just me? It’s so BORING.