These are my best holiday appetizers! Delicious, make ahead snacks that you can prep the day before a party. Everyone loves them!

I’ve got the best holiday appetizers for all your parties coming up!

best holiday appetizers

Hopefully I’m not too late! While I have tons of great appetizers for the holiday season, these five in particular are ones that you can make ahead of time! You can prep them the day before your holiday party so there is no stress when it’s time to leave. These are the ones that I’ve been suggesting to friends and family when they ask “but what should I take?”

These are all huge crowd pleasers and make a nice serving size too. Um, also they all kind of have some version of cheese but HELLO it’s the holiday season! Which one of these is your favorite?

5 Best Holiday Appetizers

Marinated Christmas Cheese

Um, I have made this twice in the last week! It’s phenomenal – very unassuming, but tastes incredible. It’s unexpectedly wonderful. Everyone loves it, and it’s something that tastes better as it sits.

Ricotta Jam Jar

This is technically a summer recipe, but with store-bought pesto and the quick tomato jam, it’s great for the holiday season. Please the red, white and green is just SO festive! Serve with crackers or crackers, fresh bread or crostini.

Caramelized Onion Dip

This is a no brainer – one that people FREAK over. It takes awhile to caramelize the onions, but you can do it up to three days ahead of time and store them in the fridge. Mix the entire dip together the night before, just bring it to room temp before serving.

Holiday Hummus

The easiest of the bunch! This is embarrassingly easy and wildly flavorful. Grab some store-bought hummus and load it up with toppings. Looks Christmasy and cute!

Pumpkin Cranberry Cheeseball

This has been one of the highlights of the season. It’s super delicious. I have a wonderful spiced orange holiday cheeseball too!