***Please keep in mind that below are simply workouts I have done myself. There is no “one right way” to exercise, and these are just a few workouts that I love.***



Elliptical HIIT

Treadmill HIIT 1

Treadmill HIIT 2


Bootcamp Workouts

at-home Cardio Blast4 Corners Bootcamp

Track Bootcamp



Beginner Plyos

Upper Body Functional

Bodyweight Workout

My Staple Circuit


Upper Body

Upper Body Blast

Upper Body Resistance Bands

Biceps & Triceps

5 minute Upper Body

Get a Sexy Back

Upper Body Functional



Lower Body

Lower Body Blast

Lower Body Resistance Bands

5 minute Lower Body

Booty Kickin’ Leg Workout


Full Body

Full Body Quickie

Full Body Workout

30-minute Total Body

Medicine Ball Workout

Bodyweight Workout



Core Workout