Take a look at our weekly dinners!

Mar 27 – April 2

Mar 27: burgers on the grill, sweet potato fries, asparagus

Mar 28: crispy chicken skewers, kale chips

Mar 29: pizza

Mar 30: homemade whole wheat french bread pizzas (it was a pizza kind-of week!) + brussels sprouts

Mar 31: filet mignon sandwiches on whole wheat with gorgonzola, havarti and arugula

Apr 1: fish sandwiches, green been fries

Apr 2: ate out

Mar 20 – 26

Mar 20: sweet and spicy beef with noodles

Mar 21: bourbon glazed salmon, green beans, sweet potatoes

Mar 22: tomato soup and kale chips

Mar 23: pasta carbonara

Mar 24: Trader Joe’s mandarin chicken, brown rice, brussels sprouts

Mar 25: fish sandwiches and pierogis

Mar 26: homemade chicken pot pie

Mar 13 – 19

Mar 13: enchiladas

Mar 14: chicken quesdillas

Mar 15: chicken and parmesan lasagna

Mar 16: shrimp with arugula pesto

Mar 17: grilled chicken salads

Mar 18: romano crusted fish, roasted potatoes, green beans

Mar 19: Five Guys burgers and fries!

Mar 6 – Mar 12

Mar 6: pizza

Mar 7: crispy shrimp tacos

Mar 8: chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes

Mar 9: tilapia, shrimp, sweet potato fries, kale chips

Mar 10: ate out

Mar 11: crispy shrimp tacos

Mar 12: ate out

Feb 27 – Mar 5

Feb 27: chicken with mushrooms and grilled herb bread

Feb 28: chicken with mushrooms and grilled herb bread (it’s SO good!)

Mar 1: oven fried chicken, sweet potato fries, kale chips

Mar 2: grilled chicken salads, roasted potatoes

Mar 3: stuffed peppers with mashed potatoes

Mar 4: linguine with clams casino, salad, grilled herb bread

Mar 5: ate out

Feb 20 – Feb 26

Feb 20: family party; sandwiches & appetizers

Feb 21: grilled chicken, white bean spinach salad

Feb 22: macaroon tilapia, brown rice, green beans

Feb 23: homemade chicken quesadillas

Feb 24: chicken and sweet potato crockpot stew

Feb 25: pizza

Feb 26: froyo _> yes I’m serious!

Feb 13- Feb 19

Feb 13: filet with gorgonzola sauce, mashed potatoes, kale chips

Feb 14: grilled chicken fingers, green bean fries, sweet potato fries

Feb 15: homemade chicken pot pie

Feb 16: homemade chicken pot pie

Feb 17: healthy meatball hoagies

Feb 18: pizza

Feb 19: leftover meatballs and pasta

Feb 6 – Feb 12

Feb 6: super bowl eats – appetizers, chicken piccata, pasta, etc

Feb 7: ginger lime shrimp and noodles

Feb 8: sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, tomato soup

Feb 9: kale chips, whole grain grilled cheese

Feb 10: ate out

Feb 11: linguine with clams casino

Feb 12: ate out – lobster tails!

Jan 30 – Feb 5

Jan 30: chicken, pierogis, green beans

Jan 31: whole wheat pasta w/ veggies and chicken

Feb 1: cashew chicken

Feb 2: cashew chicken

Feb 3: burgers and sweet potato fries

Feb 4: pizza

Feb 5: ate out

Jan 23 – Jan 29

Jan 23: roast chicken, roasted potatoes, fennel and parsnips

Jan 24: parmesan tilapia, brussels sprouts, brown rice

Jan 25: grilled chicken salads, sweet potato fries

Jan 26: chili, brussels sprouts

Jan 27: caramelized chicken, mashed potatoes, corn

Jan 28: homemade pizza

Jan 29: pulled pork, potatoes, green beans

Jan 16 – Jan 22

Jan 22: buffalo chicken sandwiches, mashed potatoes, salad

Jan 21: leftover mac and cheese, toast with hummus

Jan 20: crab cakes

Jan 19: homemade french bread pizza

Jan 18: grilled chicken wraps, brussels sprouts

Jan 17: chicken parmesan, whole wheat pasta, salad

Jan 16: family party, ate out

Jan 9 – Jan 15

Jan 15: grilled steak sandwiches

Jan 14: turkey burgers, mac and cheese, green beans

Jan 13: orange chicken, brown rice, green beans

Jan 12: pizza

Jan 11: out to eat

Jan 10: balsamic gnocchi

Jan 9: grilled chicken salads

Jan 2 – Jan 8

Jan 8: homemade toasted sandwiches (4 kinds: veggies/hummus/goat cheese, turkey/bacon/avocado, roast beef & cheddar, turkey & ham), potato soup

Jan 7: pizza

Jan 6: salmon, roasted potatoes, caramelized brussels sprouts

Jan 5: ground turkey breast + whole wheat pasta

Jan 4: chicken burgers, rice, kale chips

Jan 3: brussels sprouts, toasted hummus sandwich (no Mr. How Sweet this evening)

Jan 2: balsamic gnocchi