In this house, we are alllllll about the one skillet meal.

Which is funny, because I say “we” like my husband plays a part in this. He doesn’t whatsoever, because the only thing he can make in a skillet is eggs or chicken covered in barbecue sauce and cooked over way too high heat. Never a second thought about adding another ingredient. Or ten. He will confirm this as well.

But I guess since he tends to wash my dishes day after day after day after day after… yeah… he IS all about the one skillet meal. Easy for me to prepare, easy for him to clean up. All about compromise baby.

I must say, it still blows my mind right out of my freaking head that I actually like kale. Roasted in chip form is still my favorite way to consume it, and this is one of the first ways I’ve tried it otherwise, besides when I get a little heavy handed with the olive oil and make my chips super soggy and just plain…  gah-ross.

I can’t really say that I’m fully behind this whole kale deal, but the fact that it cooks down so much and that there is so much other flavor going on really saves the dish for me. And while we’re talking about flavor, I used boneless, skinless chicken thighs here and well… I may never use breasts again.

Also, you need to know that I just laughed out loud while typing that and will probably continue to do so for the next 24 hours. I’m so mature.

But the thighs… UGH. So good. Do you know how good they are? Last night after editing this post and reminiscing over the flavor, I drove to the grocery store at 8:30 PM, bought a chicken, and roasted the darn thing so I could have some chicken for breakfast, lunch and possibly dinner today. Yes, the girl who goes to bed at like 9PM thought it would be a great idea to roast a chicken at that time. My only saving grace was watching multiple repeats of Girls. And the oven timer woke me up. And I ate the skin as an almost-midnight snack.

But whatev.

So along with these breasts and thighs comes a very tasty dish, regardless of how unphotogenic it appears. Olive oil, mushrooms, white wine, golden crusted chicken, parmesan, beans… so many of my favorite foods in one. This is an excellent way to get someone who is not so keen on the veg to eat some of the veg. I know a little bit about that, by the way. And if you really want to get freaky I suggest drizzling a tiny bit of brown butter over the finished product. Because I don’t know anyone who would do that.

Chicken, Kale + Chickpea Skillet

serves 2-4

1.75 pounds boneless, skinless chicken thighs

3/4 teaspoon salt

3/4 teaspoon pepper

3 tablespoons olive oil

1 cup whole wheat pasta, preferably a smaller noodle

1/2 sweet onion, chopped

1 bunch of kale, torn from stems and coarsely chopped

12 ounces of baby portobello mushrooms, quartered

3 garlic cloves, minced

1/3 cup dry white wine

1 (15 ounce) can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed

2/3 cup finely grated parmesan cheese

Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat and all 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Season chicken on both sides with salt and pepper, then place in the skillet and cook on both sides until golden brown and cooked through – about 6-7 minutes per side. While the chicken is cooking, prepare the water to boil for your pasta, and cook according to directions.

Once chicken has cooked, reduce heat to medium-low, remove chicken and place on a plate, and add onions with a pinch of salt, followed by kale and mushrooms. Saute for 5-6 minutes, until soft. Add in garlic and cook for another minute. Increase heat slightly and add white wine, letting it cook and bubble for 3-4 minutes while the alcohol cooks out. Add in chickpeas and pasta, then stir in parmesan cheese until everything is combined. Immediately place chicken back on top of the ingredients in the skillet and cover for a few minutes to heat through. Taste and season more if desired, then serve immediately!

Best dinner we’ve had in a loooong time.

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74 Responses to “Chicken, Kale + Chickpea Skillet.”

  1. #
    stacy t — May 31, 2012 @ 7:10 am

    hellooooooo lover! that looks good enough to, well, eat!! so making that bad boy!


  2. #
    Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers — May 31, 2012 @ 7:14 am

    Yum! I don’t like mushrooms, but the picture you took of them is so pretty!! Your dish looks simply amazing, minus the mushrooms!!


  3. #
    TastefullyJulie — May 31, 2012 @ 7:15 am

    That looks delicious. Sounds like your husband and mine would be friends. I call him the “high heat cooker”!


  4. #
    Kim in MD — May 31, 2012 @ 7:25 am

    This looks delicious, and you caught my attention with the fact that it’s a one skillet meal. I’ve always been a chicken breast person, but I will give the thighs a chance!


  5. #
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey — May 31, 2012 @ 7:33 am

    We love skillet meals too – they’re the best! And John loves chicken thighs – they have the most flavor he says!


  6. #
    Stephanie — May 31, 2012 @ 7:38 am

    i was just admiring some thighs yesterday, but I went breasts instead.*

    obviously now i need to go back to the grocery store and get them.

    *can’t stop laughing.


  7. #
    Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat — May 31, 2012 @ 7:52 am

    I’m alllll about the one-skillet meal too! And I am also impressed that you like kale, given your aversion to most things of the vegetable species. ;) Have you tried dousing your olive oil massaged chips in vinegar too? Hello healthy salt and vinegar chips!


  8. #
    Lauren at Keep It Sweet — May 31, 2012 @ 8:02 am

    I’m also a chicken thighs convert… they are a million times better than the breasts and only a small percentage more calories and fat… minimal. Love this dish!


  9. #
    Ali @ Peaches and Football — May 31, 2012 @ 8:02 am

    I’m all about the one skillet meals too – extra bonus if there’s enough for leftovers the following night!

    I wonder if I could get my boyfriend to eat it. I’d have to eliminate the mushrooms… but the kale might weird him out. I’m working on slowing increasing his veggie consumption. Kale might be too big a leap :)


  10. #
    DessertForTwo — May 31, 2012 @ 8:05 am

    Oooooh loving one-pot meals lately! Can you do a whole series, please? xo

    You know you’re a foodie when you roast chicken on a whim at 9pm :)


  11. #
    Jenna — May 31, 2012 @ 8:25 am

    Looks good except for the mushrooms. Didn’t I tell you I hate the devils? ;) I’ll keep them in the recipe anyway though, because my boyfriend ‘wuvs’ them. I’ll just pick ’em out.


  12. #
    Katrina (GF Gidget) — May 31, 2012 @ 8:46 am

    The thighs ARE so yummy! They are super inexpensive too. Then you can save the bones to make stock later! I have a collection of chicken bones in the freezer… because that’s normal… ;)


  13. #
    Claudia — May 31, 2012 @ 8:51 am

    Dinner – either tonight or tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration!!


  14. #
    kaceyt @ om&nom — May 31, 2012 @ 9:06 am

    A one-skillet meal sounds divine…I tried a new recipe yesterday that ended up being like a ten-skillet meal. It was delicious, but the cleanup put it on the never-make-again list:P


  15. #
    Ryan @ Spicy Richmond — May 31, 2012 @ 9:18 am

    I have a new thing for boneless, skinless chicken thighs and this looks delish!


  16. #
    Cait's Plate — May 31, 2012 @ 9:23 am

    I neeeeeeed a cast iron skillet!! Is it just the best kitchen tool you have? I’ve heard such good things about them and if for no other reason, I need it to make this dish.


  17. #
    Kelly @ Laughter, Strength, and Food — May 31, 2012 @ 9:34 am

    I’m all about one skillet meals. The less I have to clean up, the better.


  18. #
    Whitney — May 31, 2012 @ 9:38 am

    Yum! I am so surprised I liked kale too… I had it sauteed in white wine at a restaurant and was in love. When I came home I was too lazy to saute so I found a kale chips recipe… and never looked back! I made it to bring to a friends house for dinner… and chicken skin at midnight sounds perfect!


  19. #
    Laura — May 31, 2012 @ 9:41 am

    I’ve never ever cooked with kale before which is somewhat shameful for the amount of cooking I do! And one skillet? I may try this!


  20. #
    Meghan @ After the Ivy League — May 31, 2012 @ 9:41 am

    I almost bought some chicken thighs at the grocery store the other day. I dunno what stopped me, it felt risky for some reason. With this recipe in mind I’m definitely grabbing them on the next trip! Looks delicious!


  21. #
    Catalina @ Cake with Love — May 31, 2012 @ 9:46 am

    Thank you and one more time thank you for posting thi srecipe!! I have to cook dinner tonight and I have some chicken on hand, I also have chickpeas and bought some kale yesterday, so I can definetely make this dish, and save mu husband from eating another boring baked chicken breast over rice or pasta!


  22. #
    Ashley @ My Food 'N' Fitness Diaries — May 31, 2012 @ 9:47 am

    i’m all about the one skillet meals too. this one looks great!


  23. #
    Gina @ Running to the Kitchen — May 31, 2012 @ 9:53 am

    I seriously didn’t even know boneless skinless thighs existed until like 6 months ago. Life.changing.


  24. #
    Mel G — May 31, 2012 @ 9:56 am

    I love your sense of maturity lol


  25. #
    Nikki W (@Divainlaw) — May 31, 2012 @ 9:57 am

    Looks amazing and healthy too! For sure going to make this one!


  26. #
    Lauren — May 31, 2012 @ 10:07 am

    This sounds like a yummy throw together meal!! I’m ALL over this.


  27. #
    Ashley — May 31, 2012 @ 10:13 am

    HILarious. After reading the first line I though, “really? we? does her husband care if dinner is made in one skillet?” haahaaa Shell noodles are my favorite!


  28. #
    Cassie — May 31, 2012 @ 10:20 am

    love that shot of the mushrooms. we are all about one skillet meals too. love, love this.


  29. #
    ellenbcookery — May 31, 2012 @ 10:23 am

    Your posts always make my mouth water!


  30. #
    Rachel @ Baked by Rachel — May 31, 2012 @ 10:46 am

    I need to try to do more one skillet meals. Would definitely make cleanup easier!


  31. #
    Stephanie — May 31, 2012 @ 11:03 am

    I definitely like dark meat more than I like white meat. Thighs all the way!

    Thanks for the recipe!


  32. #
    Averie @ Averie Cooks — May 31, 2012 @ 11:09 am

    My grandma used to make chicken like that!

    If you have a cast iron that you love and want to recommend one, I’m in the market. Yours is probably Mother Lovett’s and is 50+ years old. I wish I had one of those!


    • Jessica — May 31st, 2012 @ 11:11 am

      Oh man… I wish I had her’s! My mom won’t give it up. Actually, it wasn’t even ML’s, it was my mom’s great aunt’s and is well over 50 years old. So jealous! I actually have the Emeril brand, but only because it was the only brand of cast irons at Macy’s when we were completing our wedding registry with gift cards a few years ago. I really love it though!


  33. #
    Jason — May 31, 2012 @ 11:30 am

    I think I found my new Friday night chicken meal!

    And oh my god, how awesome is Girls?!


  34. #
    Kelly @ The Gouda Life — May 31, 2012 @ 12:06 pm

    Oh boy – this looks DELICIOUS! Stunning photos to boot!


  35. #
    Redd H from Salted Spoon — May 31, 2012 @ 12:37 pm

    This looks just stunning!


  36. #
    naomi — May 31, 2012 @ 12:42 pm

    You have no idea just how photogenic this meal is- I need. In my belly. Now. And a lot of it please!


  37. #
    Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes — May 31, 2012 @ 1:13 pm

    This looks amazing!! So are chicken thighs more moist than the breasts?


    • Jessica — May 31st, 2012 @ 5:16 pm

      Oh yes… so much more, because the dark meat has more fat. But it’s not a huge amount when it comes down to it, so totally worth it!


  38. #
    Karriann — May 31, 2012 @ 1:26 pm

    I love everything about this dish! I couldn’t agree more with you on the chicken thighs :)

    “Happy Cooking”


  39. #
    Heather (Heather's Dish) — May 31, 2012 @ 2:07 pm

    ok i LOVE the shot of the chopped mushrooms – yum!


  40. #
    Jessica — May 31, 2012 @ 2:08 pm

    I actually went to bed last night at 9. We must have had a freaky friday moment…
    And I love this, I just bought a whole bag of pre-cleaned/trimmed kale and realized that I have a crapton of it left and need to figure out what to do with it. Oh hey there solution….


  41. #
    Jen Marie — May 31, 2012 @ 4:53 pm

    There is really nothing about this that I don’t love. I mean, come on, Kale and Chickpeas? Both my new loves. Add in chicken and mushrooms. Fo sho.


  42. #
    Kathleen — May 31, 2012 @ 6:00 pm

    I never quite understand calling something a “one skillet meal” when you have to get another pot dirty cooking pasta. Heck, you can throw everything that’ll end up on your dinner plate into a skillet and call it a one-skillet meal, right?

    Nonetheless, it looks pretty tasty.


  43. #
    Naomi(onefitfoodie) — May 31, 2012 @ 8:04 pm

    obsessed with chickpeas lately!!!


  44. #
    Maren — May 31, 2012 @ 8:19 pm

    that looks sooo delicious. can’t wait to have a kitchen again!


  45. #
    Ashley — May 31, 2012 @ 9:31 pm

    Making this right now! Just put the lid on and it smells so amazing!! Can’t wait!!


  46. #
    Michelle@SFTS — May 31, 2012 @ 9:57 pm

    This looks amazing….I know what you mean about kale. I’m weary of it but it has never done anything to harm or disappoint me in any way. Can’t wait to try this one!!


  47. #
    Maggie @ A Bitchin' Kitchen — May 31, 2012 @ 10:04 pm

    This looks awesome! I actually haven’t tried kale yet, but I’m imagining how this would taste with spinach. I need to jump on the kale bandwagon I suppose :)


  48. #
    online parenting class — June 1, 2012 @ 3:56 am

    that looks so goooood!


  49. #
    cheryl — June 1, 2012 @ 8:15 am

    Why 1.75 lbs..such an odd weight – Like not 1.5 or 2?
    I have yet to try Kale…have a bunch of receipes to try but jut am somehow afraid of it. This looks super good!


  50. #
    Jennifer — June 1, 2012 @ 9:00 am

    I’ve never made chicken in a skillet before. Looks great! I’m going to break out my skillet and give this a try.



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