Cajun Fish Tacos with Blood Orange Slaw.

Anytime hot pink food can be found, you know I’m there!

cajun fish tacos with blood orange slaw I #fishtacos #tacos #bloodorange #fish

Spicy Cajun fish tacos. Juicy blood oranges. Lots of cabbage slaw and tons of lime. It’s one of the freshest meals I want to eat in the winter, which is saying so much since right now all I can think about is hot soup.

Perhaps I’m just trying to transport myself to warmer weather with food?! I think so.

Silky Ginger Sweet Potato Soup.

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Currently Crushing On.

Hellllo Saturday. After this wonderful little warm up the last few days, we’re under snow and ice again! Still feeling a bit stir crazy...

Asian Style Sloppy Joes.

Best dinner ever, right here! We can actually feel really good about these sloppy joes! I promise.

Triple Citrus Kombucha Fizz with Salty Chili Sugar.

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Pistachio Coconut Oatmeal.

Well if this isn’t the oatmeal of my dreams, I don’t know what is. Remember when I used to think pistachio things were just...

Spicy Sausage and Kale Skillet Lasagna.

Let’s throw everything in a skillet and call it lasagna! Skillet lasagna, that is. We have meat, a veggie, noodles, ricotta, sauce and some...