Three Things I Make & Keep In My Fridge To Elevate Everyday Meals.

Sharing a few little recipe secrets with you today! Hello quick pickled onions.

Three Things I Make & Keep In My Fridge To Elevate Everyday Meals

Last week I did an instagram live sharing these three recipes that I have in my fridge at ALL times. I didn’t really realize how much they *make* our everyday meals until I started cooking every single meal at home, every single day.

Crispy Baked Quesadillas Using Whatever You Can Find In Your Kitchen.

These baked quesadillas are about to change your dinner game.  I have been a loooonnnngtime quesadilla lover. If I told you how many quesadillas...

Chipotle Sweet Potato and Quinoa Breakfast-For-Dinner Skillet.

I’ve craving a new sweet potato hash! I mean, sure, top anything with an egg and I am THERE. Or here.  Actually, right now,...

What to Eat This Week: 3/29/20.

This week’s meals are filled with more easy, delish pantry staple ingredients! Some are dishes I haven’t made in a while so naturally, I’m...

Currently Crushing On.

Hey hey! Oh man, what another WEEK. This is bizarre and unreal and we’re just trying to get through it. I am so appreciative...

Banana Cake with Coffee Cream Cheese Frosting.

Banana cake is happening in your kitchen this weekend! Oh my goodness. The fluffiest banana cake with coffee icing? HELLO LOVER. 

Garlic Butter Naan. (aka, what you should make in your quarantine kitchen this weekend!)

You’re about to make the most delish garlic butter naan bread. Hello heaven!!