Oh heck yes I’m making it a thing.

lemon cookie gelato I howsweeteats.com

The amount of love I have for this gelato is rivaling the love I have for any other dessert at the moment.

Actually, any other meal. I could eat this five times a day and call it, well… a day.

A happy day.

I’m actually questioning how I lived without this in my life for 32 years. Because it seems quite impossible. read more

Let’s have breakfast!

havarti breakfast biscuits with jalapeno, bacon and arugula I howsweeteats.com

For dinner?

How about for breakfast, lunch and dinner? That’s how my days often go, sub in the occasional taco, burger or pizza slice every now and then. Of course.

Eggs for daaaaays. That’s what I say.

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chicken tacos I howsweeteats.com-7

Are you mourning the continued nonexistence of the taco emoji? I am. I mean, what the heck? How do the emoji people think that we don’t need a taco emoji? The...

currently crushing on I howsweeteats.com

 {via}   this brownie tiramisu trifle. whaaaat. these pickled egg salad toasts. my dream. this seared shrimp salad. oh my. this monkey bread cheesecake. is this real life? these radish and green...

strawberry milkshake I howsweeteats.com-7

Who’s in for a mikshake swim? This trash concoction in a glass came from one thing: expiring strawberries. I had lots in the fridge and knew I had to do something....

goat cheese shells I howsweeteats.com-2

Oh mylanta. I’ve been waiting for.ev.er (sandlot style) to share this recipe with you. Since making it, I’ve been on a bit of a stovetop mac and cheese kick. Is it...

thai street noodles I howsweeteats.com-4

Heyyyyy youuuu guyyyssss! We gotta talk about this meal that I am L.O.V.I.N.G. But first, name that movie. And second, did you have a wonderful weekend? It was kind of warm...