Ahi Poke Bowls with Pineapple and Avocado.

Hello dreamboat.

ahi poke bowl with avocado and pineapple I howsweeteats.com

My current favorite thing, right here. It’s right up there! I want to faceplant into that bowl and resurface in four months when it’s sunny and hot outside. And preferably, I’ll be swimsuit ready.

zucchini noodles I howsweeteats.com-6

Zucchini Noodles with Cherry Tomato Garlic Cream Sauce and Breadcrumbs.

I’m making you dinner in 30 minutes! It’s that simple. So easy. And it will be on the table pronto, so open up that...

chocolate cake I howsweeteats.com-13

Vanilla Bean Chocolate Cake.

Here’s the big question. Are you a chocolate or vanilla person?

currently crushing on I howsweeteats.com

Currently Crushing On.

{via} What up weekend! I have never been oh-so glad to see you. It was a looooong week. How was yours? I must know...

short rib tacos I howsweeteats.com-9

Sweet and Spicy Short Rib Tacos with Sesame Guacamole.

Imagine if you lived in a house built of tacos. How long would it take you to eat your way to the outside? I’m...

shandy sangria I howsweeteats.com-7

Meyer Lemon Shandy Sangria.

I’m passing you the pitcher! Back in the day, like waaaay long ago – years – we would meet family friends at Pizza Hut...

meyer lemon scones I howsweeteats.com-6

Meyer Lemon Scones with Raspberry Crumbs.

Any excuse to cover my food in pink crumbs? Count me in. I have a plan for you this Valentine’s Day: make yourself an...