Important question: do you have any mashed potatoes left?

bacon blue cheese mashed potato waffles I

I know that seems like quite the rare possibility, but… maybe if you do?

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Spiced warm cocktails to the rescue!

mulled wine, two ways I

This is quintessential holiday season right here.

A big fat hug in a mug. November and December, right there in your cup.

It warms you to your soul!

It’s like homemade house potpourri.

See also: how to make new friends at Christmastime.

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squash spinach dip I

It’s totally dip season. Dip season is when you have seven holiday parties to attend or that dreaded potluck at work and you’re just like, what the heck can I bring...

currently crushing on I

{via} Hey hey hey! It’s the freaking WEEKEND. I am so excited. What are you up to? What are your plans? We are going to start decorating a bit for the...

pumpkin cheesecake I

Annnnd a pistachio macaroon crumble on top. Save me.   Isn’t that the fluffiest cake o’ love you’ve ever seen? I just want to burrow a hole through the center and...

brussels carbonara I

This should come with a warning label. Danger danger: you will want to consume every last bit of this in one sitting. Oooooooh it makes me so excited though. I cannot wait for...

50 thanksgiving recipes I

So I realize that by now, most of you might have your menu figured out. But if you haven’t, and if you’re a crazy millennial who changes their mind 23 times...