Seriously Delish is officially out in stores and for sale… I can’t even believe my eyeballs. I might be in shock. And I can’t WAIT for you to see it! I’m so excited in the Jessie Spano kind of way.

SERIOUSLY DELISH lands in stores today, Sept 2! I

First off, THANK YOU! The ridiculous amount of love I have for every one of you that has landed on this blog has me floating on air right now. You guys are by far the #1 reason I wrote this book, put these recipes onto the page and have massive heartichoke inducing-anxiety while I wonder if the book is enough.

Let’s talk about what a jumble of emotions I am. I’m probably currently on a plane to Florida right now (if you’re in the Tampa area, come to the signing tonight!) after waking up at like 4AM and most likely getting no sleep before that anyway. I kept saying to Eddie last night, “I just feel so WEIRD. Like just… so weird.” read more

For the third year running, I’m going to shove a whole bunch of my favorite football season recipes in your face! This is one of my favorite times ever and let’s be real: making food like this for weekend football doesn’t get much better. Right? RIGHT.

200 recipes for football season! I

This year, I’ve added more than ever before not only because I’m an indecisive twit but because all the food is way too ridiculously delicious. Now, you must must tell me below some of your favorite football food recipes. Link ‘em up. The more the better. And you can find previous versions here:

2013 football food

2012 football food

Now let’s get to it!

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currently crushing on I

{via} this roasted corn with chimichurri butter. i die. this blackberry gin and tonic. yes yes yes. this flourless pistachio cake. favorite! these DIY beauty sleep products. fun. this gummy bear...

plum tarts I

OMG I’m on a tart bender and I cannot stop. I know. It’s bad. Has pregnancy made me boring? Like boring-er than usual? I promise this is the last one. No...

taco stacks I

If I could do one thing right now it would be to crawl inside these cheesy layers and take a nap. Really it’s just because last night (at midnight) we decided...

banana muffins I

It’s Monday and I’m going to beg you. MAKE THESE. If I was to be a creeper in your kitchen I would secretly bake these for you while you were still...

favorite things I

[thank you all SO MUCH for entering this giveaway! your magic moments made my entire week. if you need a feel good moment, i suggest reading through these fabulous comments! i...