currently crushing on I


these chocolate soft serve cupcakes. adorable.

this homemade blueberry lavender butter. whoa.

this best BLT. i die.

this watermelon shrub spritzer. so refreshing.

these hot chicken waffles sliders. seriously.

this blueberry caprese salad. the best.

this peach and tomato crostini. oooooh.

this skillet cherry pie. in a skillet?!

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I’ve decided that every day should have a cherry on top.

coffee ice cream sundae pie with a macaroon crust I

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever tire of rainbow sprinkles. Seriously, the giddiness they cause in me is embarrassingly real. Obviously! Is it horrifying to love sprinkles when you’re 63 years old? I’ll probably be there.

Because right now? This pie makes me want to blast my purple pocket rocker and make friendship bracelets out of my trust caboodle. But let’s be real: I consume more sprinkles now at 32 than I did at 12.

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pimento burgers-9

So, important question. What do you think is the BEST burger you’ve ever eaten? What were the toppings? The sauces? Maybe even… the sides? (Yes I know I’m getting sidetracked from burger...

potato salad-3

I made you a big bowl of goodness. The summer is blowing by so quickly that this past weekend, I sat down and made a list of things (read: I typed...

strawberry slush-5

Hand me a big fat glass of summer. Back in the day, I was super scared of gin because it tasted like a Christmas tree and Pine Sol shaken and poured...

currently crushing on I

{via} this vanilla ice cream with bacon and cherries. whoa! the DIY photo notepads. so cool. these indoor s’mores. dying. this cilantro lime grilled chicken. perfection. this cold soba noodle salad. craving....

fruit parfaits I

And oh so much more! Tons and tons of fruit. Chopped and lovely and just screaming of summer. Also, a triple berry sauce. Made in 15 minutes. Eaten in five seconds....