currently crushing on I


this hazelnut crunch pumpkin cake. WOW.

this green apple mojito. yes yes yes.

this pumpkin gingersnap ice cream cake. so cute.

these pecan spiced buttermilk pancakes. ahhhh.

the veggie lentil bowl with ginger tahini cream. those flavors.

these boozy chocolate bourbon parfaits. omg.

these sriracha oven buffalo wings. perfection.

these moon pies with maple marshmallow cream. !!!!!

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I don’t even know what to say about these… little puffs of love?

cheesy pesto skillet pull-apart bread I

I want to say they are perfect football food, but they are perfect EVERYTHING food. Um, I’m kind of even considering them for Thanksgiving which is huge because Thanksgiving in my world is all omg-don’t-make-one-untraditional-thing-including-real-life-cranberry-sauce. It’s true.

It’s like pull-apart bread meets the softest dinner roll meets flavorful buns. (I laughed at the last part because I’m a ten-year-old boy inside.) But really. There is a TON of flavor here. This is the first recipe you saw pop up in Sunday’s video and it’s simply a delicious dough covered in loads of butter, pesto, parmesan and fontina cheese. To die for. I’m just going to shorten that to TDF because I type it in nearly every blog post. Noooo I can’t be more original.

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tortellini soup I

It’s full blown soup weather and I don’t hate it. In fact, I neeeeeed it. Especially right now. Yesterday I spent six plus hours organizing our awful deep-shelved pantry only to...

butternut pasta I

Somebody give me a gigantic fork. Because this is my serving. Right here. Just when I think I can’t get any more common… oh wait – I can! Show me all...

cider bourbon jam I

How much can I “can’t even” with fall? That is the question. It’s pretty ridiculous and basic and I want all the boots and leaves and apple picking and cinnamon candles...

currently crushing on I

{via} this ginger bourbon cider. yes yes yes. this super easy sourdough. SO making it! these steel cut oats with cinnamon stewed fruit. perfect. these produce tips. this is awesome. this...

short rib pizza I

I’m giving you a big fat autumn hug in the form of pizza. A big fat HIGH MAINTENANCE autumn hug. That’s what this is. As usual though, it’s totally worth it!...