It’s full blown soup weather and I don’t hate it.

white bean tortellini soup with broiled havarti toasts I

In fact, I neeeeeed it.

Especially right now. Yesterday I spent six plus hours organizing our awful deep-shelved pantry only to come out with it looking EXACTLY the same. I thought maybe I was overreacting (not sure why because I NEVER EVER do that) and told Eddie to look inside and he’s like… hmmm. Yep, looks the same.

IT LOOKS THE SAME. I want throw everything out of it and just leave it on the floor for rest of my life. My new solution is to take the entire dining room out and turn it into a big walk in pantry. Because that’s normal. Like who needs a dining room in 2014? Don’t we all sit on the couch and eat dinner while watching Sons of Anarchy for the third time?

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Somebody give me a gigantic fork.

creamy butternut, bacon and leek pappardelle I

Because this is my serving. Right here.

Just when I think I can’t get any more common… oh wait – I can! Show me all the fall scenery forever.

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cider bourbon jam I

How much can I “can’t even” with fall? That is the question. It’s pretty ridiculous and basic and I want all the boots and leaves and apple picking and cinnamon candles...

currently crushing on I

{via} this ginger bourbon cider. yes yes yes. this super easy sourdough. SO making it! these steel cut oats with cinnamon stewed fruit. perfect. these produce tips. this is awesome. this...

short rib pizza I

I’m giving you a big fat autumn hug in the form of pizza. A big fat HIGH MAINTENANCE autumn hug. That’s what this is. As usual though, it’s totally worth it!...

squash with feta I

I’m so ready...

joy's coffee cake I

Let’s talk about the best coffee cake I’ve ever had. Especially because it’s Monday, and Monday deserves cake. Especially because last night I made the MOST perfect skillet pizza (with bacon...