Ambrosia Whipped Yogurt Fruit Parfaits.

Give me anything in a cute parfait and I’m totally in.

ambrosia whipped yogurt fruit parfaits I

With a name like AMBROSIA, it just sounds like something I would love to eat. Something beautiful and pretty and super sweet and delicious.

Hello. I need a thesaurus! Half of those words mean the same thing. Book writing has fried my brain.

peach vanilla mint juleps I

Frozen Peach and Vanilla Mint Juleps.

This flavor is everything I want to have forever. Next weekend, you can enjoy the most exciting 120 seconds of May with one of...

bacon chipotle guac I

Cheesy Chipotle Bacon Guacamole.

I’m doing it again! Putting bacon and cheese in your guacamole. AGAIN.. It was one of the best decisions I made before soooo… why...

salmon burgers goddess dressing

Green Goddess Salmon Burgers.

Let’s make it a burger Monday! I mean look at this thing. A stack of burger beauty. How can we resist?

strawberry turnover I

Mini Strawberry Pistachio Turnovers.

I’ve made us the happiest little turnovers today! Annnnd my puff pastry...

strawberry gin lemonade I

Strawberry Gin Lemonades.

This is the way that we can bring in sunshine with styyyyle. I SWEAR. I am almost finished with strawberry overload. There may be one...

asparagus grilled cheese I

Asparagus Grilled Cheese with Brown Butter and Dijon.

If we put asparagus in our grilled cheese, does that turn it into a superfood? That is the question. But I probably really don’t...