OMG I’m on a tart bender and I cannot stop. I know. It’s bad.

black plum tarts with brown butter and sea salt I

Has pregnancy made me boring? Like boring-er than usual?

I promise this is the last one. No really. The last, last one.

I’ve shoved tarts in your face for weeks what with this heirloom tomato and feta tart and these beet and goat cheese tarts and now these plum tarts and I might have even made another tart that I don’t remember. Oh! This ginger peach galette which is kinda like… a giant tart. Sort of.

I’m about thirty seconds away from making a chocolate fudge and pistachio tart but I won’t do that to you. I might do it to me. But not to you.

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If I could do one thing right now it would be to crawl inside these cheesy layers and take a nap.

roasted chipotle chicken taco stacks I

Really it’s just because last night (at midnight) we decided to wash our new sheets and make our new bed that finally came in because OMG it’s king-sized and truly a miracle that we have not killed each other in our sleep in the last six years. So much so that we literally could not go ONE MORE NIGHT without sleeping in this new space that is large enough to stretch every limb and maybe, just maybe, because if we spent one more night – or heck, one more minute – sleeping in the now-guest bed, we just wouldn’t survive. Convinced that marriage happiness is directly proportional to how large your bed is. Euphoria = king sized.

So yeah, nap needed, but also – the softest layers of juicy chicken, melty cheese and soft tortillas. I’m just gonna close my eyes for sec.

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banana muffins I

It’s Monday and I’m going to beg you. MAKE THESE. If I was to be a creeper in your kitchen I would secretly bake these for you while you were still...

favorite things I

Hiiiii. So. I know I’m not a huge giveaway person, but I am totally blown away by your support and love and all that jazz lately, especially for Seriously Delish and...

currently crushing on I

this avocado toast with cilantro lime cashew cream. FAVE. this iced coconut matchaccino. love it. these caramelized pork tacos. deeeeelish. these heirloom tomato suncheese toasts. yes yes. these dark chocolate cocoa...

watermelon sparklers I

That’s really delicious. While everyone else around me is all omg fall! and pumpkin spice lattes and scarves and boots and chilly weather I’m still trying to figure out how I...

beet tart I

I’m having a moment. Like a really big puff pastry moment. I mean, HUGE moment. As in a I-made-four-recipes-in-one-day-with-puff-pastry moment. Couldn’t stop myself. Thankfully I won’t bore you with all of...