So. My inquiring mind wants to know… what’s the deal with your leftovers?

buttermilk sweet potato pancakes with coconut whipped cream I

Here’s the deal with mine.

I love leftovers in the next few days as a second (and, let’s be a real… a third) Thanksgiving meal. Straight up traditional, as in reheat that stuffing and mashed potatoes and turkey and what not. Give me another hot meal smothered in gravy just like the one I had the day before. I’m alllll over it.

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Let’s talk about the most unboring boring green beans.

loaded skillet toasted green beans I

Because they may look sort of boring, but they are anything but. This little bowl is bursting with flavor in the most cliché sense of the expression. It’s full of EVERYTHING I love.


It is basically a miracle that I’m still discussing Thanksgiving and haven’t moved on to Christmas yet – like we haven’t even put the tree up in real life. It’s usually up by now but since it tastes me approximately 37 hours longer to do everything in the world at the moment, it hasn’t happened. read more

currently crushing on I

{via} these bacon and scallion griddle cakes with maple creme fraiche. omg. these chocolate pumpkin s’mores cupcakes. eeeeee! these pistachio cranberry cookies. yessss. this apple pie cocktail. whoa. this pecan crusted...

cider cranberry punch I

YOU GUYS. I am so excited to tell you about this drank. It doesn’t even have booze! It’s nonalcoholic. It’s perfect for this time of year and for Thanksgiving and this...

pistachio donuts I

I already need a break from stuffing. This is what’s wrong with 2014. We haven’t even hit the real life holidays yet and I need a breather from potatoes and pumpkin....

thanksgiving I

Let’s do it! Oooh I almost didn’t share this but then I started thinking of all the Thanksgiving things I want to eat. Christmas and Thanksgiving are a close tie for...

garlic goat cheese potatoes I

Had you asked me twenty years ago what my favorite food in all the land was, I would have loudly proclaimed POTATOES. First, it pains me a little to be able...