Butternut Squash Wonton Soup.

Welcome to that time of year where I share soup once a week.

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Just can’t help it. I’m a soup freak. If wanting to swim in soup is wrong, then I guess I want to be wrong. And a mess. Because… soup swimming. What?


Sticky Apple Cider BBQ Chicken.

Raise your hand if you need a new Monday recipe! This is my absolute FAVORITE time to develop new recipes and come up with...


Chocolate Bark Halloween Brownies. {video!}


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Currently Crushing On.

Hello weekend! How on earth are we nearing the end of October? What the what? This week I’m at Deer Valley in Park City,...


Beer Cheese Soft Pretzel Garlic Bread.

Welcome to the trashiest recipe I have ever made. I mean, it’s pretty true, right? We have pretzel bread. Garlic butter. Beer cheese. It’s...


Kombucha Cider Smash.

We’re finally doing it! Taking some super good-for-you kombucha and combining it with… tequila. Tequila! Let that song be stuck in your head now...


Overnight Autumn Breakfast Quinoa.

How do you know if a breakfast is too pretty to eat? Even when you’re starvvving, like so hungry that you might have just...