Avocado Hummus.

It’s time to eat some green!

avocado hummus I howsweeteats.com

And I can’t think of any better way.

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Lemon Raspberry Sorbet Prosecco Floats.

Spiked floats all around! We’ve got embarrassingly easy (!!!) boozy little floats right here for Oscars night! Pair it with a crunchy snack and...

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Open Faced Steak Sandwich with Avocado Horseradish.

We must must must discuss this delicious mess. The major question for my brain today is WHY haven’t I been making an open faced steak...

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Tater Tot Breakfast Skillet. (+ We’re Hiring Again!)

Um, hi. I’m very sorry to be doing this to you on a Monday. Making you eat tater tots and all. With tons of...

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Currently Crushing On.

{via} Hi hi! Happy weekend! As we blow through February, I can’t stop researching allll the summer vacation places and putting all the spring...

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Peanut Butter Oreos.

You know it’s a good week when it begins and ends with chocolate. I’ve had a crazy plethora of chocolate recipes stored in my head...

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Clementine Vodka Sodas.

I’m super curious about how much more citrus I can get away with. A little more! Please let me. I’ll repay you in cold...