The summer bounty is good and plenty.

marinated zucchini feta salad with fresh corn and toasted pistachio breadcrumbs I

Can you believe we’re doing this? We’re going there. It’s time for zucc salad and this is my sorry-it’s-not-fried face.

Also, this is my why-must-vacation-end face.

Why why whyyyyyyyyy. Also related but somewhat (oh shocking) unrelated: is it really a vacation when you’re a mom? Says this mom of one bug. Let’s be real. Tell me.

The only good part of vacation ending was the absolute ridiculous amount of tomatoes that I came home to. Like tons! Right there in a container next to lots of jalapeno peppers too.

I see copious amounts of guac and caprese in my future. Come over. Brings mojitos!

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currently crushing on I


Oh hi! I’m adding a touch of rambly stuff to these weekend posts along with my favorite links. I know. Do you dread this? I already ramble all week, now more rambling. I’m going to tell you more about our weekends + life here, when applicable. Not tons. You can still find all that normal lifestyle stuff over on crumbs. We’ll see how it goes! Sooooo. We just got back from vacation where we took lots of video and hopefully, like, a quarter of it is salvageable. I’m hoping to show you!

I have another upcoming cooking demo/class at Crate, all about quick + easy meals as we head into a new season (um, NO, not allowed) on August 20. You get to EAT food while I make a fool out of myself (this usually happens, yes) and feel uncomfortable. A few spots are left and you can sign up on their website.

Later today and tomorrow my monthly favorites are coming. Noooo I didn’t forget about you. And yessss, more baby stuff too. Soon. I swear. When I find more time. HA. Funny. Not really. Do I need to hire a blog helper?!

As usual, you can follow our weekend adventures on instagram (currently: vaca overload), but if you’ve missed my blabbering it everywhere else, I’m snapchatting a bunch too. Snapchatting. A verb? Why. It’s horrifying but I can’t stop. It’s FUN. snapchat username = howsweeteats

Here’s the things I want to faceplant into this week. God I love the internets.

i still dream of my microwave nacho days.

this ice cream pie with a peanut butter rice krispie crust is making me feel too many things. how on earth is this real?

the universe needs to make half birthdays a thing – with a cinnamon sugar chocolate chip cake. (doing that today, for real.)

if i had any crafty bones in my body, these DIY graphic beach towels would be MADE. (i’m thinking a unicorn.)

have you had luxardo cherries? these homemade ones are happening.

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watermelon pops I

I’ve got all your dreams sitting here in this little cup. Seriously! Look! Salty rimmed, lime juice kissed, crushed ice rafts of watermelon dreams. It’s pretty much the best day ever.

nutella pops I

I’m still coming to grips with the fact that I like nutella. And the fact that I shoved it inside a puff pastry pocket with homemade marshmallow frosting and a square...

beef fajitas I

I know that I always tell you about favorite recipes. BUT. This is REALLY a favorite recipe. A huge favorite. A serious favorite! A forever favorite. I’m not even exaggerating. (Wait,...

frenchs SS-5

[This post is brought to you by the makers of French’s Sweet Yellow Mustard and Spicy Yellow Mustard. I received compensation to write this post through the French’s Sweet and Spicy Influencer...

zucchini cake I

Just how I like to eat my vegetables. IN CAKE.