This salad is blowing up my entire summer.

nectarine and fig summer salad with crispy pancetta I


It has figs. It has nectarines. It has crispy pancetta slices and goat cheese and avocado and omg PISTACHIOS. It has a crazy nectarine vinaigrette that I could probably drink out of a straw right now because I want all things tart and briney and vinegary. It’s the perfect mix of flavors and textures that I am LOV.ING.

It makes me not hate Monday.

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order your copy of seriously delish today and get a signed book plate. also, click over to the post to see how you can win an advanced signed copy! I


I cannot even TELL you how much you guys have made my heart melt with your love for Seriously Delish. I am so grateful to you that it’s ridiculous. I made this book for YOU and can’t wait until you can get your hands on a copy. Seriously. Seriously! And we are so close.

Because I love your guts, I want to make sure that all of you can get a signed copy. From now until August 1st, if you preorder a copy of Seriously Delish, send your proof of purchase and mailing address to I’ll mail you a personally signed book plate (most likely signed in neon sharpie, obviously) with lots of hearts and scribbles. In the meantime, if you’ve already ordered your copy (a million THANKS!), you can also send your proof of purchase to! You can order Seriously Delish at amazon, barnes and noble and indiebound and come September 2nd, it can be found where all books are sold. Until I wrote a book, I didn’t realize the importance of preorders. By preordering, you up the chances that we can make the book a bestseller AND that I can come see you in your city. EEK!

In a few weeks, I’ll have a page up on the site for signings and events – shouting from the rooftops exactly where I will be so we can meet and hug it out in real life. read more

currently crushing on I

{via} this bacon and egg grilled cheese breakfast sandwich. just.stop. this mojito icee. GAH. this classic pound cake with strawberry glaze. omg. this whipped green tea and coconut oil moisturizer. love!...

strawberry chia jam squares I

I made us a snack. I made us a snack in the height of my fruit obsession which peaked about 15 days ago. I have eaten more strawberries than I thought...

chicken nachos I

This is the best trashed up dinner ever. Except according to my husband, who refuses to eat nachos for dinner but WHO CARES. More for us.

coffee I

Humor me while I talk about sugar and water please. Late last night I was all prepared to tell you about chicken today. It was the plan. But then I was...

currently crushing on I

{via} these chocolate peanut butter banana pops. ahhhh! this heirloom caprese with mint pesto. perfection. this fried banana milkshake. holy crap. this vegan taco salad. i’d do it. these mango cilantro...