Currently Crushing On.

currently crushing on I


Hiiiiii guys. How are things?

We’re in super fall mode here and going to hit up more apple and autumn festivals this weekend because one is just never enough. Follow along on instagram and snapchat!

If you’re hungry, I made a butternut shells and cheese video this week! AND! My favorite autumn arugula salad. Best ever.

But but but, my favorite links this week:

isn’t this the prettiest honey whole wheat challah ever?!

stop it right now with this DIY frosted animal cookie costume.

adore these roasted garlic basil potatoes. yes yes yes.

smoky fish tacos for date night!


Oatmeal Baked Apples with Maple Brown Butter and Toasted Hazelnuts.

Raise your hand if you’re feeling dessert for breakfast. Both my hands are so highly raised. I mean, twist me arm why don’t you. OKAY....


Prickly Pear and Ginger Beer Margaritas.

I bet you’ll never guess why I love this one. Could there BE another cuter, pinker drink than this prickly pear margaritas, said Chandler...


Pistachio Pancakes with Pistachio Butter.

You guyssssszzzz. Pistachio pancakes. Freaking pistachio pancakes! Why haven’t I done this yet and why am I not eating them at this exact moment,...


Game Day Beer Chili.

Who wants to have a cannonball competition right into this bowl of chili?! It might be a bit warm but we can sit on...


Chocolate Fudge Cake with Pernod Caramel Cream Icing.

[This post is brought to you by Pernod Classic – I’m working with them to create a few recipes this summer with their delicious...

currently crushing on I

Currently Crushing On.

{via} Hello! How are you?! What’s new? I just spent the past few days in Kansas City speaking at a blog event and now...