Inquiring minds want to know…

pineapple chorizo rice bowls I

Are you a Monday go-outter? Like can you plan things on Monday and go to events and go to parties and go to bars or do you come home and fling yourself on the couch, barely able to peel yourself off the pillows in order or make dinner or workout or pop popcorn for an episode of The Bachelor?

It’s probably not a secret as to what kind of Monday person I am, says this wannabe 72-year old as she listens to Bette Midler.

But on to more important things:

Did you watch the VMAs and how much secondhand embarrassment did you feel for Miley’s outfits?

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Hey hey! Did this week fly by or did this week fly by? It totally FLEW by. Are you in Fall mode yet? I am not… like, not at all.

What else? On Thursday night I was on the judging panel for some of the most delicious food at Savor Pittsburgh. While it was utterly fantastic, I sort of wanted to crawl on the couch and stay there forever after tasting, like, FORTY dishes. (Yeah yeah, it you were following me on snapchat I certainly wasn’t snapping my dinner!) One bite of each was more than enough, even though I wanted to eat every dessert, always.

Some exciting news: I need your help. Because I’m looking to build a super awesome team for some super awesome upcoming projects. Meaning I’m hiring some party people! You get first dibs. Yes it’s true. If you’re local, this is for you.

Some other exciting news: I’m contributing a few brand new + exclusive recipes to The Pioneer Woman’s site every month. You can find one of them here: these Homemade Blackberry Soda Floats are RIDIC. (!!!!!)

What are you into this weekend? Today I’m doing some fun wedding things with a friend and maaaaaybe soaking up the remainder of the August sun. And an ice cream cone. Or a taco? Or a choco taco. Duh. Easiest solution ever.

How good were the internets to use this week? Fantastic.

My current love language: coconut tarts with a chocolate macaroon crust. GAH.

Let’s be honest. I can’t help but do a leeeeeettle bit of damage at Target right now that it’s school supply season. So, grown up school supplies? Yes please. (I might have already bought the pencils.)

Freaking cheesy mozzarella French toast. how? when? where? why not?

But on to bigger questions: why am I not eating these fruity pebble buttermilk donuts right this very second? Whoa whoa.

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margarita mojito I

Oh no no. That is not a typo. Two drinks made into one? We’re doing it. We’re cheers-ing to the idea that mojitos can be margaritas and margaritas can be mojitos....

whipped corn dip I

One more grilled corn recipe. One more!!!! Um hi. I just took, like, my most favorite summer thing ever and made it into a DIP. Because dips mean snacks and appetizers...

peach upside down cake I howsweeteats,com-7

There’s a very important reason that you must know about this cake. And noooooo, it’s not because I had to suffer through WWE summerslam or whatever that torturous thing was called...

currently crushing on I

This was a really good week. A really really good week! A busy week but a good week. Can I repeat myself anymore? I desperately want to snapchat my boring worklife...

pepper pizza I howsweeteats,com-5

Oh hello my favorite friend. What does it mean if pizza is your BFF? Because I am officially declaring this the pizza of the summer. The flavor. It’s out of this...