I’m still coming to grips with the fact that I like nutella.

nutella s'mores puff pastry pop tarts I howsweeteats.com

And the fact that I shoved it inside a puff pastry pocket with homemade marshmallow frosting and a square of chocolate.

But the real question is…

…where is the peanut butter?!

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I know that I always tell you about favorite recipes. BUT.

our favorite steak fajitas, three ways I howsweeteats.com

This is REALLY a favorite recipe.

A huge favorite.

A serious favorite!

A forever favorite.

I’m not even exaggerating.

(Wait, do you know me?)

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frenchs SS-5

[This post is brought to you by the makers of French’s Sweet Yellow Mustard and Spicy Yellow Mustard. I received compensation to write this post through the French’s Sweet and Spicy Influencer...

zucchini cake I howsweeteats.com-6

Just how I like to eat my vegetables. IN CAKE.

bacon jam grilled cheese I howsweeteats.com-4

It’s been far too long since I told you how to put cheese in between bread! Because we really need an exact recipe for it. You know? So – there are...

tomato bread I howsweeteats.com-7

How summer cliché can we be? It’s that time of year again – when I try to convince you that placing sliced tomatoes on bread is a recipe. It is! I swear....

currently crushing on I howsweeteats.com

{via} these tons of popsicles. 65+ of them, to be exact! these mexican hash brown stacks. craving like whoa. this sour cherry strawberry meringue galette. gorg. these cabbage wedges with corn....