It’s totally dip season.

roasted butternut squash spinach dip I

Dip season is when you have seven holiday parties to attend or that dreaded potluck at work and you’re just like, what the heck can I bring other than a sandwich ring? Or the I-forgot-about-the-party-cookies that you grabbed on the way that come in a plastic container with lots of red and green sprinkles. Or that bottle of wine, to go with the 17 other bottle of wine at the party. Or! That saltine chocolate cracker toffee stuff that you make yourself sick eating because you literally don’t stop eating it. The entire time.

Is there a secret drug in that toffee? There has to be.

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Hey hey hey! It’s the freaking WEEKEND. I am so excited. What are you up to? What are your plans?

We are going to start decorating a bit for the holidays – I KNOW I know, it’s kinda early, but now that I have Max it takes me approximately 56 times longer to do everything in my life. True story.

Please tell me you’re going to make a massive batch of apple cider sangria and apple cider margaritas? ALSO! All week long we’ve been sharing a full Thanksgiving dinner over on the pioneer woman, and I made this delicious pecan pie tart. It was practically impossible to not stand over it and eat it with a fork. SO good.

P.S. – did you see I shared the first holiday gift guide of the season? More coming this weekend!

P.P.S. you can find things to do with your Turkey Day leftovers right here and here, plus I’ll share more in a few days.

Internet goods:

holy cow: goat cheese grits with brussels, squash and an egg. wowza.

not sure how to handle this chocolate mudslide pie. i want to consume the entire thing.a

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pumpkin cheesecake I

Annnnd a pistachio macaroon crumble on top. Save me.   Isn’t that the fluffiest cake o’ love you’ve ever seen? I just want to burrow a hole through the center and...

brussels carbonara I

This should come with a warning label. Danger danger: you will want to consume every last bit of this in one sitting. Oooooooh it makes me so excited though. I cannot wait for...

50 thanksgiving recipes I

So I realize that by now, most of you might have your menu figured out. But if you haven’t, and if you’re a crazy millennial who changes their mind 23 times...

breakfast sandwich I

Now this is what I’m talking about when they say you have to eat color. Look at all that color! Can my breakfast win? See also: why can’t it still be...

sweet potato bites I

I’m having a serious moment with this cookie crumble. If you count three years a serious… “moment.”