currently crushing on I


these applewood bacon shortbread cookies. OMG.

this pizza grilled cheese. dreamy.

these better than boxed brownies. so making today.

this blood orange ricotta cheesecake. whoa.

these sweet potato chickpea burgers. want.

this chocolate cake with macadamia mousse and coconut whip. WHAT.

these homemade cough drops. too cool.

this orange sherbet cake. yes please.

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butternut squash goat cheese dip I

It warrants the caps. Trust me.

Remember a few months back when I went through a serious butternut squash phase? It was intense and annoying and never really ended. And I thought that January may be too late for squash but then I realized that in this 2015 world you can pretty much find whatever you want whenever you want and also because… football parties.

Apparently they are still going to be a huge thing, deflated balls and all.

FYI: this is what you need to make and take to your partay.

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honey beer mussels I

I want to cook you dinner. But not like DINNER dinner. Like snacky dinner. Like a cheese plate and crostinis and a little salad and brownies. And maybe a gigantic pot...

breakfast tacos I

Let’s talk about the best thing ever. And no, I don’t mean the Clueless marathon I sat through yesterday, though that did give me a great (re)appreciation for sheer button down...

currently crushing on I

{via}   this goodness bowl. YEP. this thai almond milk bubble tea. love! these banana bread pancakes. want. these green quesadillas. so pretty. these everything bagel cheez-its. OMG. this perfect post on...

pb cheesecake I

I’m setting the first bad example of 2015. Or the really great example? I’ve only been waiting FOREVER AND A DAY to share this cheesecake with you. Because we, um, ate...

kale ricotta pizza I

How weird would it be if my new favorite pizza included something GREEN? I mean, usually I wax poetic (HA) about how I am the most boring-est pizza eater on the...