This is what I like to call “eating color.”

BBQ chicken french breads I

I mean there is a good bit of green here. In a few different forms! It completely works. read more

I swear this isn’t the most boring salad that it appears to be.

honeycrisp salad with crispy sage and maple vinaigrette I

I swear!

I know. I get it. It looks SO BORING.

But being the person that is in full blown honeycrisp apple obsession mode – which I just found out… are apparently early season apples only?! ugh – this salad is the simplest but most delicious thing ever.

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year five I

Year Five.

Five years ago there was this girl that had no idea what to do with herself. Like really, no idea. Five years ago to this day. 1826 (.2) days ago. She...

pistachio cream cake milkshakes I

This is my all time favorite thing. I realize I say that about nearly everything which makes me a complete flake but this… is insane. Remember a few weeks ago when...

currently crushing on I

{via} this perfect funfetti cake. omg. these hazelnut streusel apple muffins. yesss. these roasted peaches with creme fraiche caramel. oh my. this hot fudge peanut butter pie. faceplant. this brown sugar...

graham crackers I

Can I ramble on just a little more about how it’s still totally summer? About how I had to leave PA and go to New York where it was like nearly...

roasted chicken ramen I

It’s kind of a secret… but I’m a ramen freak. So very true. I’d probably eat it everyday if I could. Everyday –  if I could find somewhere that I loved...