currently crushing on I


this rice krispie treat marshmallow cheesecake. seriously dead.

this post on faking it. wow.

these easy peanut butter cookies. so cute!

this spring pea pesto with bacon and leeks. fab.

these grilled polenta bites. delicious.

these almond joy cupcakes. fluffy!

this post on sharing your beauty. so true.

this roasted poblano queso fundido. whoa.

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I’ve got your ideal margarita best friend.

mexican grilled street corn avocado toast I

Besides a straw.

It’s toast! Not just any toast. Toast with smashed avocado and grilled, charred, buttery corn. Crumbly, fresh cheese. Spices and herbs. Lime and salt.

Oh my!

Pass the tequila.

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kiwi margs I

Now. THIS is my kind of eating green. Okay, drinking green. Who needs green juice? (Wait. Me. I definitely do. Like times ten.) This is my green juice?

chickpea burgers I

Another bean burger. I KNOW. Is it getting old? I’m getting old. I keep making them! I’m on a bean burger journey.

currently crushing on I

{via} this rhubarb mint julep. it’s derby season! this tater tot chicken hotdish. omg. these chicken and goat cheese enchiladas. craving. this grapefruit thyme cocktail. gorgeous. this vegan chunky monkey ice...

lemon ice cream I

Oh heck yes I’m making it a thing. The amount of love I have for this gelato is rivaling the love I have for any other dessert at the moment. Actually,...

havarti biscuits I

Let’s have breakfast! For dinner? How about for breakfast, lunch and dinner? That’s how my days often go, sub in the occasional taco, burger or pizza slice every now and then. Of...