So, important question.

pimento cheese burgers I

What do you think is the BEST burger you’ve ever eaten? What were the toppings? The sauces? Maybe even… the sides? (Yes I know I’m getting sidetracked from burger life there.)

Okay okay. It’s no secret that I love insane burgers with more toppings than should be legally allowed (currently obsessed with: onion straws), but I think I can say that the BEST was the burger at The Spotted Pig that Eddie and I split (only because we ordered like 4 things to try) and devoured. It was pretty simple with lots of blue cheese.

That, or, um… maybe my first Shake Shack burger. Like the VERY first one.

Don’t hate me.

Am I losing you?

Maybe it was the cheese fries. (Definitely.)

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I made you a big bowl of goodness.

bacon blue potato salad with soft boiled eggs I

The summer is blowing by so quickly that this past weekend, I sat down and made a list of things (read: I typed in Notes on my phone) I want to do that are summery, every single day. Just so that when September gets here, I’m not all “wah wah wah we didn’t do anything summery this summer until vacation.” And I’m not talking about a true bucket list. I’m talking about everyday summer things.

Like – eat outside more often. Drink more watermelon juice. Make mojitos once a week with your overflowing mint. Walk every day, sometimes twice a day. Swim with Max once or twice a week. And most importantly, why haven’t you had a sprinkle cone yet and for god’s sakes get one today and once a week from here on out.  read more

strawberry slush-5

Hand me a big fat glass of summer. Back in the day, I was super scared of gin because it tasted like a Christmas tree and Pine Sol shaken and poured...

currently crushing on I

{via} this vanilla ice cream with bacon and cherries. whoa! the DIY photo notepads. so cool. these indoor s’mores. dying. this cilantro lime grilled chicken. perfection. this cold soba noodle salad. craving....

fruit parfaits I

And oh so much more! Tons and tons of fruit. Chopped and lovely and just screaming of summer. Also, a triple berry sauce. Made in 15 minutes. Eaten in five seconds....

cherry salsa-8

Whyyyyy are cherries so good. Why why why. As you can tell, I’m in the phase of summer where I want to put cherries in everything. Loving it? Hating it? Is...

rodelle blizzard I

My childhood in a cup! You’re looking at it. Blizzards were an elusive thing when I was a kid – except for in the month of June. Every June we’ve always...