Does this look like anything special to you?














Nope? Me either.



What about this?











Didn’t think so.



On our honeymoon, my new hubby and I paid FIFTY dollars for this ice cream. 





What were we thinking?



Well, we went to Vegas (which we LOVED), and this ice cream came from Caesar’s.


Have ya’ll been there? 



If not, there are ‘gelato’ (and I use that term loosely, because I have had real gelato) kiosks inside Caesars Palace. When you walk by, they literally GET IN YOUR FACE trying to give you samples. It tastes good, but not AMAZING. What gets you is the presentation of the ice cream. It has all kinds of yummy things on top – fresh fruit, candy bars, coconut, etc.



It looks like this:











After days of samples and harassment, we finally gave in. We knew it would be expensive – we thought maybe a bit more than Cold Stone. 




We ordered a small and a medium.



It was $50.



Yes. This is true.




And we didn’t even eat half. After a few bites, it tasted like colored ice.




But we did have these:











Yes, they are in a white chocolate bowl.




And we did see this out our window:












And that was a beautiful sight to see. 



Especially since we had to stay in that hotel room after spending all our money on colored ice.