A few weeks ago I came home to find this in our kitchen.











Do you think we have enough pineapple?










I didn’t, so I opened the window near the spot where my husband was working in the yard and called out,

‘Hey baby! I gotta go to the store and get some pineapple!’  I’m funny.







Yummy, golden, ripe.

I think my husband bought out the entire store.





He did have a plan.




He spent a looooong time chopping it up.





And piled it all in this very large mason jar. 


















He also bought an overabundance of berries and kiwi. IMG_0733













I think this one is so pretty. I wanted to keep it as a centerpiece.






I’m a sucker for bright colors. Add glitter, and I’m in love.






I thought this would make such a yummy addition to our lunches!









Ok – maybe not.




There is a liquid in that jar.





Yes, we would have had 2 huge mason jars of fruit soaked in vodka.






He soaked these babies for 2 weeks, hoping that the fruit would infuse the vodka so that it would no longer taste like lighter fluid.






We drank the vodka over ice, and it was pretty good.  The fruit absorbed so much of the liquid that there really wasn’t more than about 4 glasses in there.





Once the liquid was mostly gone, we decided to make smoothies.


















HEALTHY smoothies, of course. We did use Crystal Light. IMG_0844









It looks pretty yummy, but it was chock-full of seeds and pineapple bark. I would have needed to add 1 cup of sugar to this in order for me to drink it. The guys felt differently – and finished off the entire jar.




Towards the end of the night, my lips were on FIRE, and I only had a few sips. The acid in the pineapple really did a number on my mouth. I had ulcers popping up everywhere and couldn’t use enough Chapstick.


That sounds oh-so attractive.







Now you know why I do the cooking in the house. :)