Do you know what this is?

THIS is an EMPTY cookie jar. Sitting on my counter. Nothin’ but crumbs.

I bought this cookie jar with the best of intentions.














My intentions were TO KEEP IT FILLED! 

I love to entertain, and occasionally friends & family drop by. How wonderful to have fresh cookies in the jar? Because let’s be honest – if you are ever in a kitchen and there is a cookie jar, you are just wondering if that jar is full. What is the purpose if it is not full? 

And if you are in the kitchen of someone you are close to, well by all means you are going to lift that lid and look for cookies. My dad does this. I am usually greeted with one of two reactions.

“Cookies! You made cookies, honey!’


“No cookies! No cookies in the cookie jar?”

AND sometimes I receive a text which cause instant panic to arise.

“I’m coming over to eat the cookies out of the jar!”











When I bought the cookie jar, I couldn’t help but think what a domestic goddess I would appear to be if I ALWAYS had cookies in that jar. Fresh cookies, nonetheless.

Which brought me to another problem – I wanted DIFFERENT cookies each time. I mean, could there be a woman out there who not only has the cookie jar constantly filled, but constantly filled with different cookies? I would be her.


The key is to make the PERFECT amount of cookies. Not too few, or else they will be gobbled up. Not too many, or else they sit there for 2 weeks. And stale cookies in a cookie jar may be worse than no cookies.

So I guess it is time to make cookies again.

Or else the jar will just sit there.

Taunting me.