…of randomness today.


I know this is shocking, but I’m going to post a few of my favorite workouts that I’d put my clients through. Yes…a post without butter, chocolate and enriched flour products, but I promise I’ll be back in full force tonight with a tasty recipe for you.


I believe in a good ole’ meat and potatoes workout when it comes to strength training. Stick to some basics, do some compound movements to work multiple muscle groups, and use a challenging weight. Challenge yourself, baby!


And by challenge, do what challenges YOU. No one else. Is it lifting heavy weights with a long rest in between? Taking a strength training class where others can help motivate you? Yoga or Pilates?



I believe all of the above are important. I love doing different workouts and keeping the body guessing.  So here are a few oldies but goodie – some ‘circuit’ style workouts I used to beat people up.


Cardio Burst Puke-Up-Your-Lunch Circuit

20 squats with an overhead dumbbell press

20 walking lunges

20 pushups

60 second plank hold

60 second cardio burst – the hardest you can go! (elliptcal, tread run, stepper)

2 min. Rest

Repeat 5 times.


I-Can’t -Walk-Today and Hate-My-Trainer-Circuit

20 alternating side lunges

15 dumbbell chest presses

30 seconds high knees

45 second plank hold

20 alternating reverse lunges

15 seated rows

60 seconds jumping jacks

60 seconds bicycle crunches

12 squat jumps

15 side raises

15 tricep dips with straight, elevated legs

15 burpees

Repeat 2 times.



(Note: all of these exercises were done under supervision and with very active, in-shape, clients. If you try this MAKE SURE you are using proper form and are supervised by someone who ‘knows what they’re doin.’)







I must admit – I love a hard worker. I want a client with their game face on. No complaints.


This is a really hard subject for me to discuss, but I recently left my full-time job as a Personal Trainer. I trained and taught classes full-time for about 5 years. For those of you that ARE trainers, you know how difficult it is to be full-time and make a decent living. I worked ALOT. And I absolutely LOVED my job. Loved the people I worked with, loved (the majority of) my clients. For the first few years I probably worked between 60-70 hours per week. I had over 50 clients and did between 13-22 appointments a day. It never felt like work. As most of you know, you have to be there when the clients can be there – before work, for stay-at-home moms, the lunch crew, and after work which can be anytime from 330-7pm. I never minded the mornings – I love to be up early and get the day started. Sometimes the night’s got a bit long.


Somewhere in the past 2 years my mind began to shift. I love fitness. It is my absolute, undying passion. I have lived and breathed fitness and nutrition from the time I was 13 years old. My dad always exercised in our basement when I was little, and I wanted to be exactly like him (I still do). I began working out at age 13 and never suffered from obsessive exercise or an eating disorder. I loved and appreciated my body how it was. I could sit for hours and research fitness and nutrition – and I have.



I guess it was a long time coming, but I eventually began to feel that my job WAS work. I wanted more professional and personal growth. I believe that it is possible in the profession, but unfortunately not where I was at. Plus, I just didn’t know if I LOVED it anymore. Please no one takes offense, but for every 1 client (like Kema) who gives you their best, you have about 10 who complain and don’t want to work. Like I said, I love hard workers. I want your all. I want to be your Jillian. Without the profanity. Maybe.




Perhaps it is because kids, young adults and even people in their 20s and 30s don’t seem to have much of a work ethic anymore. Does anyone else see this? I believe in working hard. But I want to enjoy what I am doing. I actually love to work.




I felt the the time had come to leave my job. It was pretty hard. I still talk to many clients almost everyday and work on their workouts and nutrition with them. Some I meet in the morning to work out with. I still research fitness and nutrition for hours on end. I still love it more than anything.



But I am not sure that I want it to be my career.



So this is my journey. I am gathering ideas on what I want to do when I grow up – what I want to do and LOVE. When I was younger, I wrote stories and poems everyday. My mom always said I should write. In between school and dance and cheerleading and life, I got away from it. That is another reason I love writing the blog so much. It HAS brought me back to life and I LOVE it. So thanks for all of you reading. :)



Whew! I never meant to write that much. I know my blog has not had a serious undertone until now, but I hope you will keep on reading because I heart you! And I have a DELICIOUS recipe to come this evening – just wait.



This also may be a one-time occurence, because as my best friend Kelly knows, I am a Scorpio and like to keep things bottled up until I explode. But now you know a lil’ bit about me.  :)