That is what I am doing just thinking about these amazing cookie bars.


This is another recipe off of Picky Palate and I really think that Jenny may be a genius. I must admit that I did not follow her suggestion of preparing the cookie doughs ahead of time and just made them right before. Big mistake. I kicked a few cabinets and sweat for a few hours as I washed my mixing bowl 3 times, but it is TOTALLY worth it. Promise.



These are absolutely amazing. Huge understatment.




She recommends used store bought sugar cookie dough.









I wanted to make my own, but thank goodness I didn’t because these took a looooooooong time to make. But make sure you set the cookie dough out ahead of time, or else it is impossible to play with.




These may be a couple of finger marks – made out of frustration.













First up is the double chocolate-chip layer. WOW is this RICH.




























She recommends only making half of the recipe, but I made the entire thing. I figured I could fill up the cookie jar, which is already empty again. This morning, my husband asked me ‘who ate all the cookies?’



Like I really have a good answer for that. We live alone. No pets. No kids. Just turkeys and framed wrestlers. How embarrassing.


 ‘Ummmm, I may have eaten a few cookies…’



That’s also quite the understatement. It’s not even funny.




This is just one tiny corner of my kitchen after the first cookie dough was made.









 Talk about a mess.





Here is what the first layer of cookie dough looked like. 











And then the second – double chocolate chip – over the sugar cookie dough.













It was hard to get a clear picture of the dough because it was THAT dark.










 Doesn’t it almost look like ice cream??







The next layer was peanut butter cookies – and I was rebellious and used natural peanut butter.






















More specifically I used Naturally More, which has flaxseeds in it. I thought it would add a nice crunch, and it really did.







The last batch was good ol’ chocolate chip dough.





















My mom would kill me if she saw that imitation vanilla. She always uses the good stuff. Mother Lovett actually used the imitation.


There is a reason I use the imitation.



One time my husband saw me add vanilla to a french toast mixture. He makes french toast using whole wheat english muffins and egg whites (very yummy). He makes this almost every morning. We once went through a bottle of vanilla in 3 days. He said he had to been adding it to his egg whites.



I caught him making it one time and watched him pour $2.00 worth of vanilla into the mix.


He doesn’t get it.





This looks like a wave of cookie dough crashing over the shore.













And here is my leftover dough – which was promptly used. 
















 And consumed.








Four layer cookie bars. Wow.

















Still drooling.





Melt a bit of chocolate on top and you’re ready to go.















Check over here for the recipe, because it is very long and I’m too hungry to type. 

I don’t have any more words.






Oh yeah, except that the cookie jar WAS full.























I have proof. That’s even more embarrassing.