…but I have to post pics of my lunch yesterday. I love Atria’s Octoberfest menu, and this should show you why.




I never…’utilize’ the bread basket.










I am not a big fan of bread. Never have been. And I actually dislike white bread.



Well, most of the time anyway.




Last Sunday I made a grilled cheese in bacon grease on white tuscany bread. If it sounds gross, trust me, it wasn’t. 


I ate a ton of this bread. I had not eaten since before my dentist appointment at 8 am. This was a late lunch at around 2 pm. Starving!





I had one of these.










Watermelon martini. They are so, so good here. I love ’em.






My husband ordered Sangria. I know what this implies.











So did the bartender, considering she tried to give it to me first because she thought anyone who ordered Sangria in October must be female.







My most favorite soup ever.










Bavarian cheese soup with FRESH WHIPPED CREAM and buttered croutons. OHH. EMM. GEE.







Look at that whipped cream. I inhaled this in about 4 seconds.














Croutons that melt in your mouth.













My husband skipped the Octoberfest menu and just got a burger.










I thought the bun looks so yummy. It was buttered, toasted, and cheesy. Perfect.




He wasn’t hungry, but he ate the entire thing. Kind of like on Wednesday night when he called me from Chicago and told me he wasn’t hungry, then proceeded to go to PF Chang’s and eat 2 full entrees with all of the rice. Along with some mojitos. I tweeted about this.



I know you are wondering what’s up with him and the fruity drinks. I’m not sure either.






I ordered a side of potato pancakes.











These were pretty good. For about 2 minutes. Because after 2 minutes, I CHIPPED MY NEW FILLING on a freakin’ potato pancake.


How does that even happen? My tooth has been driving me crazy since. Luckily, I have another dentist appointment bright and early morning to fill more cavities. Sweet.







I had a few more of these.









Then promptly came home and passed out for 3 hours. I woke up with the beginning stages of an early-evening hangover. Having been at the dentist and numb all morning, I wasn’t able to drink my normal amount of water to stay hydrated. 




A bottle of wine took care of that problem.




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