Check out this loaded steak salad we had for din-din tonight!


Ok, let’s get real – we all know that I didn’t eat this salad because it is chock full of my frenemie, vegetables. You will be happy to know that I did create a ‘vegetable crisp’ today that I will be posting sometime this week. I only had a few bites and it tasted great, but let’s hope that the veggies can fully redeem themselves and I will gobble it up all week.


Just in case I gag on it at lunch, I am defrosting some of my leftover veggie soup for the week. I can’t wait – those are some veggies that I love!




Leafy greens.













We love this dressing. Mainly because it tastes like Caesar, but only has 6 grams of fat per serving. That’s alot less than the usual 20-25 grams of fat per restaurant Caesar!















I usually do not use salad dressings because I really am not a fan. I have never found one I love and I definitely don’t like the normal ranch, italian or french. My favorite is red wine vinegar or white pear vinegar – it is to die for. I love the tartness of vinegar on salad. Well, my salads usually just consist of greens. So I guess I love vinegar and greens. About 4 bites. Then I’m done.








I do enjoy this dressing. Occasionally I will make homemade croutons with whole wheat tuscany bread, and coupled with this dressing it is incredible. Tastes just like a fancy restaurant Caesar salad.













Before adding anything to the salad (in my case – french fries, cheese, croutons, and bacon…), I toss the greens in the dressing to fully coat them.














Grilled steak.











Sometimes I don’t feel like a newlywed. What newlywed eats lobster mac and steak during the week? Priorities.







The toppings.














Gorgonzola and feta.















Tomatoes and a bed of sauteed onions.














Carrots and parmesan roasted baby yukon golds.














Steak. It’s what’s for dinner.













The whole shebang.











It was thoroughly enjoyed by my husband. Especially since he was deep in the throes of a vicious hangover. As I tweeted, I figured he would be a toilet hugger all night long. His best friend from college was visiting and they had quite the issue with the sweet tea vodka. (Ever had that? It’s delish!) He rarely drinks like that so it was pretty amusing for me. I shot about 5-6 videos of him last night that I still can’t stop laughing about right now.




Loaded Steak Salad

2 cups leafy greens

1/2 sweet onion, sauteed

1/4 tomato, chopped

6 baby carrots, chopped

3 baby yukon gold potatoes, sliced and roasted with parmesan

2-3 tablespoons dressing

1/2 oz gorgonzola cheese, crumbled

1/2 oz feta cheese, crumbled

6 oz steak (or protein of your choice)



Combine all ingredients in one dish and devour.




My dinner.









What a role model. Follow me on Twitter if you’d like to see more of my dinners. 






In bloggin’ news, I’m going to post a bit more often (think 1-2 times per week) on fitness topics (btw – check out my fave fitness tips), in addition to my butter-laden, Paula Deen-style recipes and Mother Lovett stories. I also may throw in a bit more of my daily eats some days since they seem in such high demand. ;)



In life news, do you do what you love? What is your passion? Is the economy holding you back? Does your family support your passion and/or your career? Is it more important to be happy and love what you do, or to bring home the bacon and live a certain lifestyle? Is your passion something you are over and under qualified for? What do you do when those closest to you don’t support your dreams?


What is more important? Fulfilling your dreams, even if it is something as simple as working at the mall? Or working in a career that you may be ‘qualified’ for just because that’s what others think you should do? 




This is 20 questions baby! See ya’ll Monday. :)