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I was forced awake by someone shaking me this morning and telling me ‘I think that Pumpkin Clause came last night.’




He may have a huge stuffed turkey and framed pictures of wrestlers. He may eat us out of house and home. He may smell like a boy.




But my man is creative. And sweet.




Here is what Pumpkin Clause brought me last night.









Of course, there was some healthy goodies in there, but I chose to snap the fun stuff – like the iTunes gift card, some Ghiradelli since I am a chocolate snob, and the cute autumn-themed apron.




Can it get any better than this?





He is quite festive. :)




He is also doing the grocery shopping for us since my parents at all of our candy corn last night.




Are you wondering what I got him?




That would be…




…nothing. Except for my undying love. Oh, and last night was ‘get-your-husband-loaded-then-take-him-to-Sur La Table-and buy-out-the-store night. ‘




That was fun for me, too. All in all, I’ve had a great Halloween so far! We are going to carve pumpkins this afternoon, even though my dad can carve them better, since we spent all of our money time last night eating, drinking, and shopping.




Again, you guys cracked me up with your Friday Trivia comments. :)




The correct answers were:

1. Minneapolis, Minnesota

2. George Lazenby, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig.

3. Dale Earnhart

I’m sure you all know I surely didn’t have anything to do with the last question.




Here’s who made the cut this week:








Jessie (vegan-minded)



That Kind Of Girl







And if you missed last week, check it out to see who got the correct answers.




I’m not coming back with a Halloween recipe. I am coming back with a Smoked Cheddar Bacon Mac recipe. Because it should be eaten on Halloween.




And every other day, too.