Last weekend, my hubby and I went to a very non-traditional wedding. It was outdoors (talk about freezing!), where the bride and groom were married by a professional actor and the music came from a boom box.


I took away so much from this day – that it isn’t about having a traditional cake (they had cupcakes) or about wearing the most glamourous dress. These 2 people were SO in love. And while I already knew that the above doesn’t make for a happy marriage, it was so refreshing to see a couple so in love that they barely were aware of their surroundings.


The food was INCREDIBLE. Hands down – the best wedding food I have ever eaten. The main course was butternut squash ravioli and bone-in lightly fried chicken breast. Ohmigosh, I can taste it now. Incredible. The cake, or ‘cupcakes’ were amazing as well – so amazing that before the reception even started my husband grabbed one and confidently walked across the room shoving it in his mouth.


He ATE their wedding cake BEFORE they even cut it.


Before the reception had began. I guess he really just isn’t up to speed on modern weddings. Oh well.



I guess I have to forgive him.



Because today marks our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! One year ago today it was a gorgeous, clear 78 degrees in Pittsburgh. I squeezed into a dress that, I pray to God, I will be able to fit in for the rest of my life.


Today we are spending our anniversary in Cleveland, Ohio because my youngest brother is on John Carroll University’s homecoming court. Cross your finger’s for the win.



I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve mentioned before how amazing my entire family is, so the addition of my perfect hubby just made it even more amazing. And I think they all agree. Sure, we will have a romatic date, perhaps a weekend away soon, but I like celebrating this day with family – just like we did one year ago.



We had a very traditional, perfect-to-me, wedding. And I did stop and pinch myself a few times that day and remind myself to relish in the moment. I did as best I could. In honor our anniversary, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite pictures from that day – one of the best of my life!

(Note: all photos were taken by the incredibly talented David Burke. If you are in Pittsburgh or need a destination photographer, I’d highly suggest using him. He is fabulous!)


A kiss from my grandma. With Mother Lovett squeezing in the picture on the lower right.












My shoes.


























Mother Lovett with my brothers.














Seconds before going down the aisle.






























The church.



















One of my all-time favorite photos.
















Honky Tonk Ba Donk a Donk.




















Man & Wife.


















Do you think I like pink?















More faves.
































A table with our favor – a donation to the local food bank.
















Our cake – chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling, white chocolate icing and white chocolate curls.

















I wanted it to look like someone puked pink all of the room. It did.















The cookie room.












Ok, I’ve heard this is a ‘Pittsburgh thing.’ I have no idea. Does anyone else have cookie tables? I needed a room. Because I’m a pig.







First dance.

















The other man in my life.














Some necessary partying.




















See ya later!