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My hubby carved a Pittsburgh Pens pumpkin! Not only is he incredible sweet and creative – but he is super talented, too!

He did not use a template and simply looked at the Pens logo and just began to carve. How impressive is that!













Awesome, huh?


I was shocked to find out that there even IS such a thing as a carving template. We got a pumpkin carving kit and to my surprise, it was filled with tons of intricate stencils. 


This irked me, and destroyed some childhood dreams. I remember trick or treating when I was younger and seeing these exact same templates carved into pumpkins. I thought the people who could do this were so talented and I always wished I was an artist.





I attempted one myself.






It is no secret that I have zero patience.


This made me want to dig my eyeballs out chunk by chunk with the cheap carving tool. From now on I will be sticking to triangle eyes and toothless grins.



I made some bbq and buffalo chicken pizzas on Joseph’s Lavash wraps.





Then forgot to take pictures as I was finishing them. Try to imagine their beauty.


Although we live in a huge housing plan, we only got about 12 trick or treaters. Therefore leaving me with all of this.



My hips won’t lie.



I’m very excited about it being November. Not only because it is my birthday month, but also because I feel like I can officially begin listening to Christmas music without feeling like a nerd.


I must go now, as my 36 year old husband just informed me he is watching the animated ‘Horton Hears a Who’. We have no children. 



Well, he has no children. It’s time like these where I could possibly say I have one.