The minute I told my friend Cindy about my blog, she decided she wanted this cake.



She was only the 2nd or 3rd person I ever shared the blog with, and she was so supportive. I was more than happy to make her anything.

First she wanted the cake around Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then finally decided she wanted it for Christmas. :)


On Christmas Eve, Cindy and her hubby, Nick, came to pick up the cake and brought me presents!

I have been whoring them out showing them to everyone who steps foot into my house and going on and on and on about how much I love them.


This gorgeous mortar and pestel, which matches my kitchen perfectly!



And this rolling pin that can go in the fridge to get cold before rolling out some dough.



Look at how intricate and beautiful it is.



I just love these gifts. I love Cindy and Nick too, although I think they bought me these with an ulterior motive – so I can make them more goodies. :)


Thanks, guys!!



25 Days of Workouts


I love a great strength training workout that keeps my heart rate elevated. Enjoy!


20 overhead dumbbell presses

10 burpees

45 seconds russian twists w/ medicine ball

20 dumbbell chest presses on stability ball

10 pushups

30 seconds mountain climbers

20 lat pulldowns

20 Rear Delt Flys

12 plyo pushups

75 second plank hold

15 triceps dips with legs elevated

REPEAT 3 more times


While the repetitions of 20 are a bit on the high side, make sure to use a weight that is challenging by the 17th-20th rep.


Check back today for a full page on the No More Resolutions Workouts! :)