Ever since I was young, this has definitely been one of my favorite days of the year. I think I believed in Santa until I was 12 or 13 – how outrageous is that? In fact, my parents have never said that there isn’t a Santa, and my dad still insists that he is real. :)

Last night I continued my elf duties and made more cookies with my brother. We made more peanut butter blossoms, since someone ate the entire first double batch, tons of sugar cookies, and red velvet truffles.




After a massive house clean and a few errands, I still did not have one present wrapped. At 1pm, my presents still looked like this:


I’ve made some headway, but have to get my bum in gear since our festivities start around 4.


Oh – and I also still need to make mac and cheese and stuffed artichokes! Eek!

25 Days of Workouts


Feel stuffed to the gills but have no time to get in a workout these next 2 days? Perform the following and I assure you that you’ll feel better!

20 pushups

20 lunges

20 squats

20 pushups

60 second plank hold


Have a wonderful Christmas! I don’t think I will have time to visit everyone’s blogs today, but please know how much I appreciate all of you. I value each one of you and am so thankful that you read along. :) Love you!