For those of you that know me, you know I am a complete shoe fanatic. I have this wonderful hubby who also loves to buy me shoes. He bought me shoes for one of our first holidays together – I believe it was Christmas? – and I knew he was a keeper.


So imagine how excited I was when I won a giveaway on Miss Vinyl Ahoy’s blog.

Check out my prize.



Shoes + hot pink. My life is complete.

Check out her Etsy shop and get one for yourself! Or your shoe-loving companion.


Yes. My husband buys me shoes.

He also surprises me with chocolate. (As if I need any more.)





Did you know that Godiva has a rewards card? You get a free truffle each month.


He brought me home a peppermint truffle and some chocolate covered strawberries because we adore them. Godiva also threw in a dark chocolate truffle, probably because we are such great customers. :)


Last night my friends Kelly and Dan came over for dinner. Dan was shocked by the blog a few weeks ago and really wanted me to make dinner for him. Luckily, he brought me wine.

Kelly was the first person that I ever told about my blog. She is a wonderful friend. And they have the most adorable baby ever.

I do not have much patience for children, but they are changing my mind.


Morgan is hilarious. She has an incredible personality.




This was a laugh. Don’t you just love her?




She also had fun checking out the tree.




We started with some crabmeat bites at Kelly’s request.




We had a salad with homemade whole grain croutons.





Since I don’t really like veggies, I like to eat these croutons plain. But I can also eat them with lettuce covered in parmesan ceasar dressing. Don’t hate.



I also made some chicken romano with lemon butter sauce.






And some cookies for Dan and my hubby. And me.



Isn’t it amazing how the simplest things amuse us?






If you set any goals for December, how are you doing??

Are you making any resolutions for the New Year? I rarely do. The more I make, the more I don’t stick to them.

I’d rather make a resolution now, and change things for the better. Why wait for 2 more weeks?


25 days of Workouts

Workout #11 – 5 minute LOWER BODY


30 seconds alternating lunges

30 seconds squats

30 second plank hold

60 second wall sit

60 seconds reverse lunges

30 second plank hold

30 seconds plie’ squats

15 squat jumps


No weight’s are needed here, but feel free to add them on the lunges and squats, etc.

While this ‘workout’ may not yield fast results, getting in some form of exercise is better than nothin’! It can also make you feel stronger and more confident.

I will be baking all day, and may take some 5 minute workout breaks for sanity. :)