I can’t believe 2010 is upon us.

I also can’t believe that I went to the grocery store on New Year’s Eve with the hopes that there would actually be food on the shelves and a cart for me to fill.

Well, maybe I can believe it since procrastination runs in the family.

After my grocery store run, I stopped in Target to get the 2nd season of Big Love. Because, you know I have such a disposable income that buying a full DVD set about polygamists is at the top of my must-have list.

Last weekend, we watched season 1 within 2 days. We were such bums, and it felt wonderful. I was hoping for season 2 so we could watch it and season 3 before the new season starts next Sunday. Geez, that’s alot of season’s in one sentence.

Target was out, so I went to my favorite place to pay more look for it.


There is just something about bookstores that do it for me. The minute I park my car and walk in, I am so giddily excited about what I may find. The possibilities are endless.

Apparently, the possibilities for diet’s in the New Year are also endless. This was the display as I walked in.


Great marketing job, B & N. I can’t imagine the amount of people walking through those doors in the next 3 days that will scoop up these fad books. I wonder if it will ever be different? Good thing we all know better. :)

When I was younger, I would beg my mom to go to the mall just so I could go to the bookstore. I would sit on the floor inside and read the likes of Babysitter’s Club, Sweet Valley High, R.L. Stine, and more. Once I got the books home, I could finish one within a day and couldn’t wait to read more. I engrossed myself in those books, sometimes pretending I was inside the story.

I still love fiction, and I think I always will. I am a day dreamer. I hope that never changes, but I hope I make some dreams a reality. :)

These days I sit for hours in other sections.


I totally adore flipping through cookbook after cookbook after cookbook after cookbook. I wish my wallet did, too.

On our first New Year’s Eve together, my husband and I went to a Thai restaurant. This was only a few months after we began dating and were still so entangled in each other that we sat on the same side of the booth.

(I am so joking – one of my biggest pet peeves is when 2 people sit on one side of the booth. I need my space. So do my thighs.)

This was the first time I had ever eaten Thai food, and I instantly fell in love. It also became a favorite food of my husband’s, which means we had to go once a week for months until he eventually grew sick of it. This has also happened with Panera Bread, english muffin french toast, plain turkey burgers, and diet Mt. Dew. I wish it could happen with other things, like heavy metal music, egg whites, snoring, cover-stealing, and Nascar.

A girl can dream.

When I came home this afternoon, I made some shrimp pad thai from Jaden’s cookbook. After the Thai food obsession began, I had made pad thai, but have long since lost the recipe.


Her recipe ended up being fantastic. My favorite part is always the crushed peanuts on top.


We will probably continue our Big Love-athon the rest of the evening. I usually don’t go out because I’m boring, 78 years old, don’t like to remove myself from the couch, and want to eat cookies all night in the peace of my own home. Around 10pm we will hop on over to a party at my aunt and uncle’s house to ring in the New Year and eat copious amounts of food with my fabulous family.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve! <3 you. :)