Like alot of others, we were snowed in yesterday.

I love the snow. See how pretty?



So – how long do we think it will take before my hubby gets sick from shoveling snow in a long sleeve shirt and shorts, after his run + workout in which he was drenched with sweat?



At least he had on a hat, right?

I spent the entire day inside, with 3 of my best friends.


I couldn’t ask for a better time or more fabulous conversation.

After shopping all today, I wanted to make a few more treats before Christmas. Actually, I need to do something to take my mind off babies after shopping in the infant section this afternoon.

I took a hint from 2 of my favorite bloggers – Sabrina & Erica.

I made a huge batch of chocolate covered pretzels. They were so fun to make!

Some covered in sprinkles:


Candy canes:


Toffee bits:


Peanut butter cups:


Snickers bars:


And pecans + sea salt (my fave!):


I also made some chocolate covered Oreos.


‘Twas a great day! This upcoming week is one of my most favorite times. I can’t wait to spend it with friends and family. :)

Since I tortured you with the yummy goodies above, below is a kick-butt leg workout. I need to do about 16 of them tomorrow.

25 Days of Workouts


Combo 1: 4 sets of 20

Walking lunges

Stability ball squats

Pelvic raise w/ feet on stability ball

Combo 2: 5 sets of 12

Angled leg press

Side lunges with tap to floor

Step ups

Combo 3: 4 sets of 10

Single leg dumbbell deadlifts

Leg extension

Prone hamstring curl with dumbbell

Challenge yourselves, babes! Make sure you are getting a workout.

Let’s hit the last 2 weeks of December hard!