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Looking for some great dishes to whip up for your holiday guests? I have yet to shop and will be braving the grocery store mob this afternoon. Eek!


On the list for Christmas Eve?


Stuffed artichokes.



Either lobster mac and cheese



or smoked cheddar bacon mac and cheese.



I’m leaning towards the second option.


If you are still searching for some creative dishes, here are a few that are fantabulous!

Gorgonzola stuffed baby red potatoes.



Gorgonzola smashed potatoes.



Butternut squash gnocchi.



(Don’t be intimidated! It’s super fun and easy to make. Give it a whirl!)


Cheese soup with red pepper and bacon.



Of course I will also be making an array of appetizers to snack on. :)


And with all of the holiday cookies around, I suggest baking a pan of these magical brownies.  (No – not magical as in ‘my mom was in music school in the 70’s’ magical).

Oooey & gooey.



And if you just can’t get enough treats, want your pants to fit even tighter, and would like to overdose on some sugar, try some of this creme brulee french toast for brunch. Or dinner. Either way, it works.



What is on your Holiday menus? Feel free to leave me some links – I’m always looking for ideas!