Happy Monday. :)

How was yours? I kind of had a bummy day, but when I arrived home and saw what was on my doorstep, I got sooo excited.


I won a Utah Kernels popcorn giveaway from Megan Munchies, and just look at these flavors!

Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Avalanche, Cinnamon and Cotton Candy!

Of course, I had to try the cotton candy flavor because it is hot pink.


It is so delicious.

Hopefully I can restrain myself a bit. It’s not like I needed more goodies in the house. :)

Did you get a workout in today? If you’ve set any goals this December, have you followed any of them? Trust me, I know it is hard right now. I am slacking majorly. But there is no way I am waiting until January first. Do you know how much damage one can do with my appetite?? :)

There are some days where I will use any excuse to not exercise.

It’s raining.

I have to to much to do.

I have too many cookies to eat.

I love to workout, and love how it makes me feel, but some days I just need an extra little kick in the booty. Know what I mean?

Being a personal trainer, I have heard every darn excuse in the book. It’s fine by me if you want to use an excuse. Just don’t come complaining that you are overweight, feel like garbage, and can’t fit into your ‘skinny jeans’ the next day. Take some action!

I think that we should be thankful that we are able to use our bodies for exercise. We should be grateful for what we have and what we can do. If we lost use of our bodies, we would be devastated, right?

So how do we talk ourselves out of the excuse? How do we beat the roadblocks? I prefer a no nonsense approach.

I am too tired: No one wants to wake up at 4:30 am to exercise. No one. Well, no one sane. :) But if you want to be healthy, fit, and live a long, vivacious life, you have to fit the exercise in. Fitting in a short workout will, in most cases, make you feel better. You will never regret a good workout! Focus on how great you will feel afterwards.

I don’t have enough time/too busy: I’ve said it before, but we all have the same 24 hours in a day. You may have to sacrifice less TV or internet time, but you can fit it in. If you really want to fit it in, you can.

I don’t have a gym memership: If you’re reading, you know many of the workouts I post can be done at home. No gym membership needed! Find a new excuse.

I don’t have the energy: exercising can actually give you more energy. You will feel better, physically and emotionally. Your mind will be clearer and you’ll have more energy for daily activities. If you’re really not feeling up to it, do a quick 10-15 minute workout. It may help improve your mood. :)

I don’t know how to exercise and can’t afford a trainer.
Their is a wealth of knowledge (good and bad) on the internet these days. If you know someone, or are knowledgeable enough yourself to sort through the junk, you can find some quality workouts. Most gym’s offer a free orientation to the equipment as well. You can also buy 1-2 sessions with a trainer and get a few workouts, or split some sessions with a buddy. The $50-100 is totally worth it, right??

I think it all comes down to how badly you want it. I’ve asked many clients what made them change. For some, it was a specific event, like seeing a picture of themselves or not fitting into their ‘fat pants.’ Unfortunately, many people have to be diagnosed with an illness before taking action.

So, how badly do YOU want it? What goals do you have? To become stronger? Run faster? Feel better?

Whatever it is, take baby steps, and start TODAY.

Only have 30 minutes a day? You can still get in a great workout, boost your confidence, and start incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Look at the positives – you can add 30 minutes of activity that will boost energy and help you see results!

25 Days of Workouts

WORKOUT #12 – 30 Minute TOTAL BODY

Remember – a workout can be done in 30 minutes, but you must challenge yourself! Pay attention to how you feel.

5 minute warm up

10 minute cardio burst (this can be cardio on a machine, running, walking, jumping jacks, etc. Just keep MOVING).

10 minute total body circuit

30 seconds each:

alternating front lunges

pushups (do AS MANY AS YOU CAN before dropping to your knees)

wall sit

squats (the booty is burning)

dumbbell overhead shoulder press


Repeat one more time.

25 squats

25 pushups

60 second plank hold

30 seconds alternating reverse lunges

20 triceps dips

60 second plank hold

10 minute cardio burst

5 minute cool down

Take it at your own pace. Don’t feel pressured to do everything if you can’t do it. But don’t slack because you think it’s too hard.

I’ve posted many of these exercises before. I prefer a bit of variety when working out myself and training clients. However, I do want to show people that you CAN get a great workout in at home. If you are at the gym, feel free to supplement or swap certain exercises!

Check back tomorrow for some more info on our January workout challenge! :)