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After laying on the couch for 7 hours on New Year’s Eve, I threw on some of my classiest XXL sweat pants, a dirty sweatshirt from the 70’s, put my hair up on top of my head, and with no makeup on went to my aunt and uncle’s house to ring in the new year.

I think my husband loves having such a fashionable, lady-like wife.


Once we had sufficiently stuffed ourselves with appetizers that had sat out for 3 hours, my aunt brought out this amazing dessert.

Our friend Barb had made these incredible ice cream crepes. She is incredible, almost single-handedly planning my wedding and making it an amazing, memorable day.

I’m sure it was just as memorable for her, since she spent the majority of the evening in the restroom with Mother Lovett who needed help with her girdle.


These ice cream crepes were honestly one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. I think my husband agreed, because he had 6 of them. I’m so glad I’m not alone in my gluttonous adventures.

The crepes were very simple and fresh tasting – perfect after all of the heavy holiday food.


This was the first time I had 1.) eaten crepes and 2.) made crepes.

I was so intimidated by them before, but now I am obsessed. I think a ‘how to make crepes’ post is in the very near future.

Have you ever made them? Love.


The ice cream crepes are so easy: take a fresh, cooled crepe and lay it on a plate.




Scoop some ice cream in the center.


I used triple vanilla ice cream – it had vanilla bean, french vanilla, and regular vanilla. Who knew they were all different? If you are a foodie, you know.


The toppings come next.



If there was ever a dessert to make the Heavens open, this is it. Just look at this. It may just be the dessert that would make me give up all other desserts.


I doubt it, but it really is phenomenal.



Ice Cream Crepes

12-14 fresh crepes (recipe coming soon)

1/2 gallon on vanilla ice cream

2 cups freshly pureed strawberries

raspberries + blueberries to top.

Scoop ice cream into center of crepe. Roll crepe like a burrito, and place in a large baking dish. Place in the freezer to harden.

Once hard, remove crepes and shape them if needed. Sometime the ice cream needs to be pushed around to look pretty. Let sit out for 5 minutes to soften a bit.

Top with pureed strawberries, fresh raspberries and blueberries.


I am not even a huge fan of ice cream, and these are just simply incredible. They can also be made more figure-friendly: substitute frozen yogurt for the ice cream. It’s a perfect light dessert for the new year!


See that ice cream oozing out? Pure heaven.



Please make these today. They will make you a better person.