Growing up, one of my favorite go-to meals was a flour tortilla with melted cheddar inside.

Once I got older, it because easier to throw down 3 or 4 of these cheese quesadillas in one sitting, so I knew I needed to add some bulk.


Chicken quesadillas have become one of our staple meals now. Well, one of my staple meals for the time being, while my husband is still participating in the ‘stache off.

The best part about these chicken quesadillas? They are protein-packed and healthy!

I use my favorite tortillas, La Tortilla Factory brand, which are loaded with fiber and protein. Combine that with chicken breast, low-fat cheese, beans, and we have one protein and fiberlicious meal.


I used refried beans in this case, but sometimes I use black beans. The black beans do tend to fall out of the quesadilla mid-cook, however. The refried beans stay nice and mushy inside. Not to mention, fabulous tasting.

Check out that mouth-watering, crispy tortilla, jam-packed with goodies.

This was such a tasty dinner. Since I am still on my cooking embargo, Mr. How Sweet watched with dripping drool as I ate, while he ate some freezer-to-skillet burgers that smelled like bad meat and a baby’s diaper.


 I also spritzed my quesadilla and rice with a little lime. Lime is one of my most favorite citrus fruits. Mr. How Sweet likes lime, too.

Though his preferred use for it is in a large tumbler of vodka. Which he may start drinking a lot of soon if he doesn’t get a home-cooked meal. Or, I may have to start drinking a lot of it soon, so I can stomach the ‘stache.

Hey, to each their own.


Cheesey Chicken Quesadilla’s

Serves 2

4 high fiber, whole wheat tortillas

10 oz of chicken, shredded

1 teaspoon cumin

4 oz low-fat cheddar jack cheese

1/4 red bell pepper, chopped

1/4 sweet onion, chopped

1/2 cup fat-free refried beans, or black beans

1/4 cup salsa

Season chicken with cumin and toss to coat.

Heat skillet on medium heat. Lay one tortilla flat and sprinkle with 1 ounce cheese. Top with 5 oz chicken, 1/2 of the chopped bell pepper and onion mix, 1/4 cup beans and an 1/8 cup salsa. Top with 1 more once of cheese, and cover with a tortilla. One bottom tortilla is brown and lower layer of cheese has melted, gently flip quesadilla to brown other side and melt the rest of the cheese.

Repeat with remaining tortillas and ingredients.

Serve with salsa, plain greek yogurt, and rice. Spritz with lime.



While these quesadillas are super simple to make, they still are a bit difficult for Mr. How Sweet to make for his own dinner. He doesn’t have time to chop veggies or shred chicken or grate cheese.

Know what I don’t have time for? Crumbs and gooey food getting stuck in one’s crustache. That is just nasty.