Brownies are so versatile.

They can turn a boring, old, boxed-mix dessert into an impressive, rich treat with just a few add-in’s or decadent frosting. And yes, sometimes I use a boxed mix. They are delicious!


Brownies are easy to whip up and usually a crowd pleaser. I mean, who doesn’t like brownies?


Bailey’s brownies will put some pep in your step and make it easier for you to tell your husband that you really just don’t care who wins the Kentucky Derby this year, and that you’d rather stay home and drink mint julep’s on your own couch while wearing a big goofy hat.

Really, you just cant bear being seen with him one more time in his Dale Earnhart, Jr t-shirt, smell horse you-know-what all day at the local track, or sit in the car listening to Waylon-you-make-my-ears-bleed-Jennings. I don’t even know care who that is.


While booze in a baked good is never a bad thing, these cookies and cream brownies are so tasty that they may make you loopy.

This means that you can eat them and simultaneously ignore your that-person-you-live-with’s bodily functions and jet-engine snoring. You also won’t realize when he watches Oceans Thirteen or Urban Cowboy for the 27th time. Or when he starves to death because you haven’t cooked anything in the past 16 minutes.


It doesn’t get much better than the peanut butter brownies, especially when you can trick your significant other into eating them because there is protein in peanut butter.

So what if he tops them with chicken breast or some gag-inducing pepperoni for an extra boost?


The s’mores brownies might be your absolute favorite.

I can tell you one thing: they definitely will become your favorite when after the 2 hours you spent making them, your husband casually mentions that he ‘doesn’t really like s’mores.‘ They might become your thighs’ favorite, too.


Cappuccino brownies make all right in the world.

With one bite, they make you forget about all of the cowboy boots and hats in the love-of-your-life’s closet. And the plethora of 90’s grunge CDs.

And maybe. . .just maybe, that giant stuffed turkey.


And that, my friends, is why you should have a brownie.