Remember a few weeks ago when you cooked that delicious meal on your 3rd date for the soon-to-be love of your life?

Well. . .you broke up. Yep. Sorry ’bout that one.

Drown in some delicious food and worry about it tomorrow. Enjoy eating your emotions tonight.

Starter: Roasted Apple and Brie Bruschetta. Because you have to have some form of a vegetable fruit in this artery-clogging meal.

Salad: Salad? No salads here. Who wants to eat a salad after a break-up? Let’s be real.

Main Course: Crispy BBQ Chicken Fingers and Smoked Cheddar and Bacon Mac. Nothing screams ‘comfort’ like chicken fingers with mac and cheese.

Dessert: Quadruple Chocolate Loaf Cake. Because anything with the words ‘quadruple’ and ‘chocolate’ are suitable for a break-up.

And to prepare the night before for morning: Creme Brulee French Toast. Because you will desperately want some sugar and grease to cure your massive hangover.

Bottoms up.