This is the sight I stumbled upon this morning while I was out on the beach?

Isn’t it pretty?

In case you were wondering, I am not anywhere tropical.

I’m sure it’s difficult to see with the beautiful brown murky water and all.

After a filling breakfast of 2 sugared, gummy fruit slices, I had some pancakes for leisurely bike-riding fuel.

My dad always makes pancakes on vacation. Always.

And for those of you who were wondering if we really do reward ourselves with ice cream every day after our boardwalk bike ride?

Well, we do.

After laying out for about an hour and frying my pasty tree trunk-shaped legs, it started to pour.

It was quite reminiscent of last year when it rained every single day and we almost murdered each other.

Luckily, we had our coconut rum and trashy books to get us through.

It’s all about priorities.

I know you thought I may have been joking about our Malibu consumption, but I am not. Clearly.

After laying around for hours reading (and eating) mindless trash, we went to dinner around 8:30.

This is no surprise, as my family often eats very late at night.

We ended up at a brew house that had a delicious menu.

I got my favorite – leinenkugel sunset wheat – it tastes like blueberries.

And my brother kicked a keg and got this t-shirt.

This place had some of the most amazing cheese sauce I had ever had. It was white cheddar – so creamy and smooth.

Before dipping 600 fries into that, we had some buffalo and blue cheese shrimp.

And some clams casino pizza. That was just to die for. I would love to recreate it.

Too bad clams will probably cost me my first born child back at home.

I then got a giant caesar salad, which I had about 3 bites of before deciding that I still hate vegetables.

I may be relaxed, but not that relaxed.

And if these pictures don’t tell why I don’t blog about my daily life, I don’t know what would. I basically took each photo with my blackberry. My eyes hurt from just looking at these photos.