I mentioned on Tuesday that I was doing body part splits in the gym this week, basically just to switch it up. I felt like lifting heavier than I normally do (which is still pretty heavy), and also didn’t feel like getting up early enough to do my usually upper/lower/full body workout, or whatever the flavor of the month may be.

I just get bored so easily.

I thought I’d share the entire week with ya.

A Week In Lifts

Legs: walking lunges (5 x 20), step ups (4 x 10 each leg), deadlifts (5 x 8), single leg angled press (4 x 8 each leg)

Shoulders & Chest: click here

Back: pullups (5 x 8), seated row (4 x 8), lat pulldowns (4 x 10), prone incline rear delt fly (4 x 10)

Biceps & Triceps: pushups (5 x 20), triceps dips (5 x 8), overhead triceps ext (4 x 10), seated incline biceps curls (4 x 10), hammer curls (4 x 10)

Let is just be said that I never work biceps and triceps alone, ever. This may have only been my 4th or 5th time of doing so in over 10 years of lifting. I hate working biceps. I hate working chest. I hate working abs. I think I have gone through entire competition preps getting away with doing 5 biceps exercises. Boo. Hiss.

It was fun, but next week I’ll probably go back to my normal routine, which is hilarious since I don’t really have a routine at all.

What was your favorite workout this week?