The only exercise that takes place on this vacation is the obligatory 15-mile boardwalk bike ride that we have been doing for over 25 years, complete with a Dairy Queen stop at the end every single day. We have to reward all of that hard work, you know?

The only other ways I can describe fitness on our beach vacation is with the words zero, zilch, none, and nonexistent.

Oh, and one more word. . .rum. Just because.

So, the only way to get an effective workout is to wake up earlier and head out before everyone else. Mr. How Sweet will go for a run, but we all know how I feel about running. It belongs right up on that shelf next to veggies.

The I-Need-To-Do-Something-Because-I-Am-Such-A-Load-On-Vacation Workout

2 mile walk/jog/run (in my case, very slow walking)

20 alternating lunges

15 pushups

10 squat jumps

15 burpees

40 mountain climbers

15 pushups

60 second plank hold


10 minute stretch

Then take some time to de-stress. Because laying on the beach with a bottomless glass of Parrot Bay is extremely tiring.