It’s no secret that Mr. How Sweet loves his protein and can consume an entire cow in one sitting.

And honestly, I am not sure if that is an exaggeration or not.

But what about little ole’ me? While I love a delicious filet, I don’t want meat 5 times a day like my husband. Sometimes, I just don’t want it at all.  And somewhere, far away on the other side of a computer screen, Mr. How Sweet’s heart just broke into a million pieces.

I enjoy eating protein with each meal. Sure, sometimes I want to eat a bucket of cereal and 16 Snickers bars, but I regret it 15 minutes later when I am hungry again.

Protein gives me the staying power I need – many times it keeps me from gnawing my arm off.

I don’t always have time to make some form of meat or seafood, so many weekends I will prep some chicken, shrimp, or fish ahead of time to make up some of my meals.

We all know the basics – chicken, tuna, jerky, cottage cheese. . .boring, boring, and boring.

How can you spice it up a bit? Here are some of my favorites.

Greek yogurt with honey, walnuts, and sliced bananas.

-100% whole wheat toast with goat cheese, cottage cheese or greek yogurt, topped with figs and honey.

-Mini Pizzas: a whole grain english muffin or tortilla, topped with a smidge of tomato sauce and low-fat cheese. Meat is optional for more protein.

-Salads: No, not of the veggie variety. Homemade chicken, tuna, egg, or shrimp salads made with greek yogurt, mustard, and seasonings. You could also add some veggies, but you won’t find me doing that since the last thing I want to bite down on is a chunk of celery.

-Shakes: I love protein powder for this reason – I can have a refreshing smoothie packed with 25+ grams of protein. My favorite add-in’s are frozen bananas, peanut butter, spinach, vanilla extract, and coconut.

-Homemade trail mix with assorted nuts, chocolate, and dried fruit.

-Giant yogurt bowls.

-100% whole wheat tortilla stuffed with chicken, low-fat refried or black beans, low-fat cheese, and homemade guacamole.

-100% whole wheat toast or tortillas with hummus, avocado, and bacon. Yes people, bacon has protein.

-Roasted chickpeas.

-2 eggs, over easy or scrambled, topped with organic baked beans.

-100% whole wheat mini bagels topped with low-fat cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers.

What are some of your favorites?

No veggies allowed.