I’m just going to stay here for awhile.

Today was another beautiful day.

One of the best parts of it was the peanut butter soft serve I had after our bike ride today. I accidentally deleted the picture, but did upload it to Twitter first, so check it out if you wish.

I talked about it all day.

The men in the house worked hard on consuming the contents of the fridge. . .

. . .and building things.

The rest of the day I resembled this. Help me.

My face hurts.

I am burnt to a crisp.

I wore SPF 70.

You would think I had virgin peaches and cream skin or something.

I didn’t mind as we still spent the entire day on the beach. My most favorite thing to do is sit in the surf and read mindless, trashy books that do nothing to further my knowledge or vocabulary..

Even though the temperature has reached 90, I am wearing a sweatshirt.

My skin is a hot mess and feels like fire, yet I’m chilled to the bone.

I swear it is totally worth it. :)

Tonight we drove off into the sunset. . .

. . .and went to our favorite restaurant, The Lobster House.

If you have ever been to Cape May, you probably have been here. If not, you need to be.

Best seafood ever.

For the past 25 years we have sat outside and almost always ordered the same thing – fried clams. They have the best fried clams I’ve ever had, and we have ordered them all over the place for years. No place has ever beat these.

The crab bisque is pretty incredible too.

We also had clams casino (with bacon, of course) and BBQ cheddar clams with BBQ sauce, gooey cheddar and more bacon. I was in heaven.

Behold the beautiful fried clams.

The fries were pretty disgusting but the clams were amazing. I could eat a bathtub full of them.

The clams hold a special place in our heart because Mother Lovett enjoyed them so much. We used to bring them home for my grandpa, and she’d eat the entire box herself, leaving none for him. She was so thoughtful.

See you tomorrow!