It was so much nicer out today.

Super hot without a cloud in the sky.

And I have the lobster legs to prove it.

Even after 4-5 applications of sunscreen, I still got fried. You’d think I’m closer to the equator or something.

We spent hours on the beach before moving up to to the pool.

Lots of lemonade-beer was consumed. . .

. . .and lots of cornhole played.

Speaking of cornhole, my brother actually made these boards. Built them and painted them – without stencils. Isn’t he a great artist?

They also doubled as lounge chairs today.

Today is my cousin Lacy’s birthday! She is the closest thing I have ever had to a sister, and we have always been at the beach to celebrate it.

Many nights we eat in, which I’m sure has nothing to do with the amount of adult beverages consumed.

The men do all of the cooking on vacation. My uncle is an amazing cook and my dad whips up some mean seafood. Lacy knew exactly what she wanted for her birthday dinner.

We started with some lobsters. . .

. . .and my dad made his incredible scallops and fish.

I didn’t cook a drop. And it was fabulous.

We ate our delicious dinner at 10pm. This is not unusual for us.

It was loaded with lobster mac and cheese. . .

. . .breaded scallops and scallops in wine and bread crumbs. . .

. . .clams (with bacon!). . .

and fabulous fresh flounder.

I snapped a terrible dark picture of Mr. How Sweet and I, unshowered and dirty from the beach, showing off more of my despicable photography skills.

I will try to snap some more photos of us tomorrow, but I’m a bit too busy living to be hiding behind a camera all day.

And then we sang happy birthday to Lacy and ate cake at 11:15.

This is just how we roll. Breakfast at noon, lunch from a bottle, and dinner at 10.

It’s totally worth it.

Gotta go – the party is just starting!