Since you all enjoyed our wedding cake so much yesterday, I needed to share one more thing with you.

We had a separate cookie room. More like a dessert room.

I’ve heard rumblings that cookie tables/rooms only happen in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. What do you think? Have you ever been to a wedding with a cake and cookies?

Here is Mother Lovett, sneaking into the cookie room before it was open to guests. She always needed to know what was going on. She also probably wanted to finger and inspect every single cookie in the room before putting it back on the tray.

We had cookies for days. For weeks. For years. For eons. In fact, my mom still probably has some in her freezer that she will deem appropriate to serve at Christmas. Would you like a side of freezer burn with your cookie?

Uh oh. Mother Lovett is back. This time she has a different guest accompanying her. She must have missed a few cookies to touch. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure this is before our good friend Barb spent 90 minutes in the restroom helping her with her girdle.