It was beautiful out this morning!

We headed to the farmer’s market again to get some lunch supplies.

Veggies. Blah.

And I have been trying to get these babies ripe for 3 full days.

Apparently, Pittsburgh isn’t the only place that avocados cost an arm and a leg. They were 3 for $5 here.

Besides that, the suckers did not want to get ripe. I put them in a paper bag for a day, I had them sitting out in the sun for a day, I gave them warm and cool darkness – nothing. I was done being patient.

So I performed some avocado surgery to make guac anyway.

It came out just okay.

My dad grilled us lunch:

Then we went swimming in the pretty water, but you guys know I can’t take my DSLR anywhere near water.

And now we are off to play!