The early bird gets the worm!

Today was an overcast and dreary day. Nothing better to do than lay around and be bums.

Way too much time was spent working on this puzzle. I swear it is a trick puzzle. It is impossible.

After 6 consecutive hours of laying around, we took a little walk. I wanted to share some pictures of my great-grandparents house – the reason we began vacationing here in the first place!

Isn’t is cute? We only stay a few blocks from it now right on the lake.

This is their view from the street:

And the steep steps down to the dock:

These steps used to be rotted old wood and I can remember my parents being scared we’d tumble down them.

I am obsessed with these colorful adirondack chairs:

My dream would be to sit in one of those, stare at the lake and write all day.

My dad had a few too many Summer Shandy’s and took a few “naps” on the dock.

Then my other brother, cousin and grandpa arrived.

2 generations:

And how can a night be bad when it ends like this?