Over the last few months, Mr. How Sweet and I have got into a little tradition of a big, home-cooked meal on Sunday evenings. Mr. How Sweet even helps sometimes. If he isn’t losing brain cells by watching NASCAR that is.

Actually, he always helps – he does the grilling! I am afraid of the grill. I am convinced that if I use it alone, I will blow the house up. So I leave it to him.

We enjoy having these meals together Sunday nights because it is the one day that we can sit down and eat together. We always sit down in the evenings, but with our crazy schedules that means he is eating dinner at 9:30pm while I’m snoozing trying not to faceplant on to the table.

Tonight was no different from our previous Sunday evenings.

We bought some corn on the cob – 7 ears to be exact. While Mr. How Sweet could eat 7 ears in one sitting, he showed some restraint. This way we have some for leftovers this week.

He shucked the corn and rocked out to Sugarland. Usually his country music makes my ears bleed, but I do love Sugarland.

If we grill the corn out of the husks (it is sometimes easier in the long run), we soak the corn in sugar water for about a half hour, then wrap in foil and grill.

While Mr. How Sweet was manning the grill, I made some sweet potato fries:

And tomato and fresh mozzarella salad, using Fustini’s cherry balsamic:

Fabulous! I could drink this cherry vinegar on it’s own. I really love it.

Mr. How Sweet also grilled some steak:

And the corn came out perfectly.

If you have never had grilled corn, you need to try it. Tastes like buttered popcorn!

When I picked up the tomatoes and corn at a local farm, I also got some of the gorgeous sweet plums.

Can’t wait to dig into those tomorrow.

Have a delightful evening!