No, not these.

But a delicious meal made from Sunday’s leftovers!

But first things first: workout time.

Laying around and drinking wine and not doing a darn thing really took everything out of me on vacation. Gotta get back into it with a favorite full body workout – want to make sure everything is workin’ right. Keep it simple. Easy peasy.

Ok, I’m just annoying myself.

I-Hate-Being-Back-From-Vacation Workout

4 sets of 12


Incline chest presses


Pull ups

Shoulder presses

Triceps dips

Just the basics.

Sometimes those are my most favorite workouts.

Back to dinner…

I roasted veggies. It is no secret that I need more veggies in my life. I ate some tonight. Now it will be approximately 11.3 days before I decide to eat more.

And when I do eat them, they must be roasted. And then after eating them, I will never want them again. Ever.

I roasted the corn from Sunday’s leftovers. So the corn was not only grilled,┬ábut then roasted. It was fabulous. Loved the texture.

Also roasted some sweet onion, yellow pepper, and tomatoes. They were tasty. But yes, I needed to force them. No love for the veggies.

In this bowl was pasta, grilled chicken, roasted onions, tomatoes, peppers and corn. Plus some cheese. The world is not right without cheese.

Now I’m going to go back to wishing I was doing this:


Real life stinks.