I’m not usually one to follow trends, but these 3 ingredients have changed my life. I wouldn’t have even known about them if it wasn’t for blogging.


Who woulda thunk it?! Greens on this blog?

Yes, kale is pretty much the only vegetable I eat weekly. And I only like it in chip form. I want to try massaged kale, but I’m afraid I’ll hate it like every other vegetable and then waste my precious kale. I can only find good kale at Whole Foods, which is a hop, skip and 60 minute drive away.

Nutritional yeast.

I had never ever heard of this stuff before I began blogging. I love it. It is slightly cheesy, slightly salty, and full of protein (10g per 2 tablespoons). I would never use it as a cheese replacement since I adore cheese, but it actually makes some vegetables edible for me.

Coconut butter.

The day I found out about coconut butter was the day the heavens opened up and the sun shone upon my face. As a coconut addict, this is solid gold to me. Or liquid gold, depending on the form you use it in. It makes my heart skip a beat.

So all I’ve really learned it… blogging has taught me to want very expensive food items.

What food items are you loving right now?