One of my mom and aunt’s cousins was in town tonight and we had a little ladies shindig. Well, not all ladies, but mostly.

Check out the gorgeous autumn sky as I was headed over to my aunts:

I got really dressed up for the occasion, as you can see.

These pictures should teach you two things:

1. I am terrible at taking pictures of myself, hence why you never see any.

2. 98% of my wardrobe is workout clothes.

We had lots of yummy food:

And talked about many inappropriate things that are not blog worthy.

But the best thing we talked about was the “Green” gene. See, Mother Lovett was a Green before she became a Lovett. And the Green girls love sweets. It has always been perfectly acceptable to eat cake for breakfast. This must be why I crave sweets 24/7 – I have the Green gene! Everything makes so much more sense now.

Anyway: Lacy, Will, Chris and Andy I wish you were all there to witness this hilarious evening that can’t be fully shared on the internet.

And now I must head to bed, for I have a 4:30 torture wakeup call for the gym. Wine was not a wise choice.