What workouts are floating your boat right now?

The ones below will always a have a place in my heart.

1. Full body workouts

I love full body workouts because mostly they are quick and dirty. My most common full body workout almost always includes 4 sets of 10 of the following:

walking lunges




seated rows

overhead presses

triceps dips


Bigtime love/hate relationship here. I despite HIIT, but it is over and done with so quickly and leaves me dripping with sweat more than being locked in a room full of green veggies would.

My favorite HIIT combo: 20 seconds of “full out” intervals, 40 seconds of recovery, for 20 minutes.

3. Functional/Plyo Mix

There is also a love/hate relationship here. Ok, more of a hate/hate relationship. Functional workouts are hard and leave me out of breath and feeling helpless. But they also make me feel more in shape that any other workout. I did these kind of workouts 3 days a week when training for a fitness show and was definitely in the best cardiovascular shape of my life.

To me, these kind of workouts include but are not limited to:


box jumps

squat jumps

mountain climbers

4. A long steady-state cardio session

By long, I mean about 45 minutes. My attention span won’t last any longer. But there is no better stress relief for me other than a good, long cardio workout.

My torture machine of choice: the elliptical.

5. Yoga

It may sound cliche, but I love how yoga makes me feel. It makes me feel at peace and confident, even though I still don’t really feel like I am doing *much.* However, my yoga is probably a joke compared to others.

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