Welcome to another installment of How Sweet groceries!

I think it is fun to share, and if you guys want to see, I am glad to share. Since Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods is over the river and through the woods, I only head there once every 3-6 weeks and I stock up. On the off weeks, I get almost all of our produce at a local farm (Schramm’s) and have also been heading to Delallo’s – dare I say their produce section rivals Whole Foods? It does, and I’m thrilled that it is only 5 minutes away from us.

Lots of goodies:

The only veggies I can choke down. Actually… I’m looking forward to eating these. Score!

Sweet potatoes, White Chocolate Wonderful, tomatoes, sprouted grain bread, avocados, my favorite quick go-to chickpeas, and bananas.

Peppers, onions, shallots, garlic, fresh green beans (Mr. How Sweet is a fan) and cucumbers for salads and juicing purposes. I also grabbed a bag of mini gala apples (so cute!) because the honeycrisps looked as though they had been through the ringer.

Some autumnal treats.

Self-explanatory items:

A few others:

Fresh mozzarella, lite harvarti and roasted turkey.

Chicken burgers and filet for Mr. How Sweet’s belated birthday dinner – post coming up tomorrow on that!

Mr. How Sweet’s favorite orange chicken. He pops this like Pringles. He claims that he wants to write to Trader Joe’s and tell them there are absolutely not seven servings in the bag, there is only one serving. Not joking – he eats the entire bag as a snack.

Last time I bought peanut butter pretzels, they lasted a full three weeks! That is unheard of in this house. However, since I already broke into these ones, I doubt they will last like that this time.

Some in-case-of-emergency bars.

This weekend I went with 2 smaller whole grain loaves as opposed to the giant baguette. Thanks for all your suggestions about freezing the extras – I never even thought of that, though I do freeze other breads.

As I was putting away groceries and uploading photos, Mr. How Sweet walked in with this autumn bouquet!

Clearly he had not seen the grocery bill yet.

Now we are watching this week’s episode of The Office, and then I’m going to deep clean the fridge. There is only one word for that: scary. My crisper drawer is basically a compost pile. It is where veggies with good intentions go to die.

After that, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. But you don’t even want to know what Mr. How Sweet is doing. Let’s just say it’s a good thing he brought me that bouquet.