These are the simplest, tastiest, quickest cashews you can make. I promise.

If you don’t agree I will bake you cookies or eat a piece of broccoli or do something to appease you.

After hearing such wonderful things about Ina Garten’s chili-spiced cashews, I really couldn’t wait to try them. But can I ever follow a recipe? Of course not. So I just kept adding things and hoped they would still taste good.
I made them on Sunday and Mr. How Sweet couldn’t keep away from them from the minute the came off the stove. He kept eating handful after handful and giggling at himself, saying “these warm spicy nuts are delicious.” And things like, “would you like to try my spicy nuts?”

See? I don’t need a child. I have a husband who is rounding the corner of his mid-to-late thirties and still laughs at jokes that an 8-year old would come up with.

Spicy Smokey Cashews

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  • Heat a skillet over low heat. Add cashews and olive oil, tossing to coat. Add spices and mix to thoroughly combine. Heat until nuts are warmed through. Remove from pan and let dry.


inspired by Ina Garten

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I appreciate you so much!

Mr. How Sweet says you can also have warm spicy nuts in 10 minutes or less. His words – not mine. Take that as you will.