About a billion 3-4 times a day, I get requests to post a day’s worth of eats. I find this odd, but I figured I would please the masses and share a day with you!

This was incredibly… weird. I am not camera-comfortable so this did not come naturally at all. Plus, since I quit my job my daily schedule is still all out of whack. I am getting used to it, but it sure is an adjustment.

That being said – I think I cracked the code on the whole vegetable dilemma. What I’ve learned over the last few weeks is that I absolutely despise vegetables reheated, or leftover vegetables. This would be the number one reason that I haven’t enjoyed a vegetable for years. The meals I have eaten at home since I graduated college have been breakfast and dinner. There is absolutely never going to be vegetables in my breakfast, unless it incorporates a large quantity of bacon. And when dinner time rolled around, I think I was just so soured on vegetables that the thought made me sick.

I still can’t palate the majority of vegetables, but am enamored with the odd ones: brussels sprouts and kale – in chip form of course. And I’ve done spinach in smoothies for years now, so that is no biggie. At least 4-5 days a week I am getting in kale and brussels sprouts. I’m probably going to OD.

So without further ado… here are yesterday’s meals.

While I was working, I’d normally wake up, work out, and then begin my day. I still get up early to work out, but have been blogging first. So this leaves me some time to have a really small snack before exercising. I hate eating much before a workout, so it is usually a bar or fruit and nut butter. In this case, it was a banana and peanut butter. Undocumented!

I usually have 2-3 different breakfasts a week. This one was sprouted toast, eggs, hummus and salsa verde.

I also chopped into my first pomegranate of the season. I really like poms.

For lunch I had some brussels (!) and a caprese quesadilla.

And a honeycrisp and some chocolate almond butter.

I hate almond butter, but I love this.

Then some chocolate chips.

Later I had a strawberry smoothie.

This just has ice, strawberries, milk and yogurt.

And one of these guys.

For dinner, a big pile of kale chips (this is a whole bundle of kale, I hate how much it shrinks down) and a few bowls of grilled chicken pasta that I made.

Then the other half of the pom.

And then, I had the most incredible, decadent and rich dessert I have made to date. I can’t share it with you until next week, but I will let you in on a little secret: it includes peanut butter, pumpkin and chocolate. I promise you will love it! Unless you are like Mr. How Sweet and hate pumpkin.

So there you go… a little glimpse into my daily eats.