It was such a beautiful weekend here!

This is my absolute favorite time of year. I love it all – the scents, the scenes, the weather… It was very reminiscent of what our wedding weekend was like two years ago. Hard to believe that it has been two years already.

Mr. How Sweet and I had a fun weekend and laid low. We stayed in tonight for dinner because our real anniversary trip comes next weekend when we take a mini vacation. Can’t wait!

For every other anniversary or occasion, the meal usually consists of steak and potatoes. I’m sure you’ll have a really hard time guessing who requests that. But I was out to change that today. Comfort food it was.

We made some delicious cornbread.

[i couldn’t stop sampling]

While I am no expert when it comes to cornbread, this was definitely the best I’ve made so far. Recipe coming soon.

Some chili topped with grated gouda:

And my favorite brussels sprouts combo.

This was the first time Mr. How Sweet got to try the brussels sprouts mix. He thought it was “okay.” Clearly he has some more how-to-keep-your-wife-happy classes to attend.

This was our fancy setup – no tablecloth, napkins, or place settings. Class act.

Mr. How Sweet thought the entire spread was an “odd combination.” I don’t really think we need to get into “odd” after I watched him doing an abs workout video this afternoon on a yoga mat.

And I wanted to snap a “happy anniversary” photo of the two of us to share, but didn’t think you needed to be subjected to his interpretation of The Situation.  Maybe next week.

On a thrilling note… tonight is the last Sunday I’m going to be feeling the Sunday blues! My last official day of work is on Thursday before we leave for our trip. I have always felt the Sunday blues (even growing up when I enjoyed school) but it has never been anything like this. This just might be the best week ever.