There has been a whole lot of weirdness in my life lately.

Getting used to being home and a different schedule is always a challenge. I still wake up early and workout, but due to not being in a rush, my eating schedule has been all out of whack. Let’s just say I’ve been doing a lot of… brunches.

This weirdness has been happening.

In fact, it has happened 2 days in a row.

I feel like I waste so much of the sprout when I chop it up.

Is that normal? Am I normal?

I guess I shouldn’t complain if it gets me to eat vegetables.

Yesterday, I coupled those sprouts with half a whole grain baguette with turkey, avocado, tomato and fresh mozzarella.


Then I knocked over a bottle of balsamic vinegar. Do you have any idea what a pain this is to clean up? Especially when your stove is hot and it turns the vinegar into instant syrup.

Not to mention I have vinegar in cracks and crevices that one should not have vinegar.

Today, I got a little more serious.

The other half of the baguette got covered in pumpkin butter and more fresh mozzarella.

It was an amazing combination. Full of spice and melty, cheesy goodness. I am really enjoying eating completely different things than I usually do, cooking my food when I want and eating it when I want.

I also wish I could stop burning my bread.

This is probably why my mother refuses to use the broiler. But what can I say? I like catching food on fire inside the oven.

In normal news, I can’t stop thinking about these cupcakes. Literally… can’t stop thinking about them. They kept me up last night. I am dying to make them again. That may be on the agenda this evening.