After our incredulous breakfast yesterday, Mr. How Sweet and I took off on foot to do some sight seeing. Highlights below!

[my favorite part. obviously.]

A friend had recommended that we eat at the Native American Museum, and I am so glad we did! Had we just stumbled upon it ourselves, it is probably not somewhere we would have chosen, but I ended up loving it. There were multiple different cuisines to choose from and it was just delicious. I had the best peach salsa I’ve ever had in my life. I was eating it with a spoon.

Guess what Mr. How Sweet got? A buffalo burger and buffalo chili.  Shocking, I know. The conversation kind of went like this:

Me: Do you like your chili?

Him: Yes.

Me: What does it taste like?

Him: ….chili.

Me. Well is the burger good?

Him: It tastes like a burger.

The only thing he got excited about was this statue, and told me I had to post it on the blog.

We walked around a bit more, then in true granny and gramps fashion, had to go lie down and take a nap. We were exhausted. It was challenging not to raid this:

But the nap fueled us to go in search for something I had never had. Froyo!

Yes. I am sheltered, naïve, and live in a bubble. We don’t have any froyo places close to us, so I needed to get some. Then we continue on our walk.

Overall, we walked probably close to 8-10 miles throughout the day. It was amazing, but we were so tired. We had planned on going to a nice dinner (actually Mr. How Sweet was planning something for our anniversary) but all we really wanted to do was go to sleep. So we just went to this place next to our hotel, which we loved.


Me: How is your pizza?

Him: It tastes like pizza.

He has such a way with words.

Next up… my favorite DC pics at night!