It can’t be denied that I am a very passionate person. The thing is, passion in my life goes both ways. I am super passionate about the things I love, but also about the things I don’t. I need to work on this, but I only give 100% to things I absolutely am captivated with.

Let me clarify in case you don’t understand. I try to give 100% to everything, but sometimes I just fall short. See? I’ve outlined it for you below.

Cleaning off my stand mixer: 23% (huge pet peeve of Mr. How Sweet.)

Frying bacon: 100%

Making our bed: 0%

Wasting time: 100%

Watching trash on TV: 100%

Vacuuming: 60% (I can’t handle this. Crumbs irritate me.)

Showering: 75% (I’m lazy.)

Blogging: 100%

Rinsing out the sink: 10%

Writing: 100%

Eating: 150%

Listening to old granny music: 100%

Doing laundry: 5%

Cooking with butter: 100%

Reading tabloids for the latest on celeb gossip: 100%

Procrastinating: 100%

Trying new vegetables: 2%

Wearing only sweatpants: 100%

Cleaning out my car: 0%

Picking my clothes up off the floor: 3%

Spending money: 100%

I rest my case.

But just in case you still don’t understand, here is what I spent the majority of my morning on. I should have been cleaning, doing laundry, writing, exercising, and showering, but instead I gave 100% to these cupcakes.

If you have yet to make these cupcakes, what are you waiting for? I don’t give a flying fig if the cake is a boxed mix and the frosting is only butter, sugar, flour and whole milk. And butter. They are so good. So, so, so good.